Shaadi Mubarak 26 November 2020 Written Update : K.T. changes his mind

At the beginning of the episode, Nandini was waiting for the media. Preeti removed all the reporters from the arrival. Kusum said Nandini is very clever. She has invited the media. Nandini said she would stand in front of god till KT accepts her. Kirti Rati gets Tarun to the garden. She said she had heard that something is going on there. Arjun asks KT to accept Nandini to complete their family.

Neelima asks KT to accept them because Arjun is his child and her grandson. Neelima said KT to accept them just because of Arjun. Nandini said she would not eat a single bite. KT said to Nandini, you are not changed till now, but my love for you is changed into hatred. KT asks Nandini to stop her drama. KT said to Arjun that he is a good guy, but KT is not his father. KT said; unfortunately, Arjun is a child of a mother who is a liar.

KT said to Nandini that he doesn’t love her, and it’s just a myth of her. Nandini asked if KT doesn’t love her, then why is he still single? Nandini holds KT’s hand and said they are made for each other. KT took vermilion in his hand and move towards Nandini. Kusum asks Preeti to stop KT, but Preeti said she would support him in his decisions.

KT applied vermilion in Preeti’s head and made her his wife. Everyone gets shocked. KT said he love Preeti and wants to spend the remaining life with her. Tarun shouted at KT how he dares to apply vermilion; she is a widow. Neelima asks KT how he can do this. Rati started her drama.

Tarun said this is not the marriage and ask Preeti to wash the vermilion. Nandini said KT that just to make her jealous, he applied vermilion. KT said he loves Preeti a lot and will marry her soon. Kusum explained to Preeti that KT loves her so much and also said that they together could live better. Tarun stopped Kusum, but Kusum said this is Preeti’s love and ask him to support her to marry. Rati said Preeti had not left a single chance to make them feel ashamed. Tarun said his mother would not marry again.

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