Anupamma 26 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj faces Leela’s Rage

The episode starts with Anupama returns home with family and feels sad seeing family sad. Anupama recalls Rakhi’s words that she will get Pakhi married in a family where a father is going on a honeymoon instead of a daughter’s marriage. Leela recalls Rakhi’s words that Anupama fell unconscious on the marriage day after seeing Vanraj with Kavya in her bedroom.

Toshu remembers that Rakhi is breaking her marriage with Kinjal. Anupama prepares milk and some biscuits for the family and Hansmukh’s tablets. Hansmukh doesn’t reply. Anupama says she is his daughter, but Hansmukh says that she is his daughter, but you don’t consider him as a father and leaves. Hansmukh says that everyone is doing what they want to do.

Hansmukh says I thought it’s your matter between husband and wife; that’s why I didn’t ask anything, but why you didn’t tell me about Vanraj. Anupama cried and said I wanted to cry in your lap, but I got scared that you will stop trusting your upbringing if the truth comes out. Anupama says that she thought she is getting what is written on her face and didn’t want to make any sad, but she forgets that they are fingers of one hand, they are different, but they are connected to the same hand. She apologizes for her mistakes. Hansmukh takes medicine and asks her to tell when and how this happened.

Anupama is crying while Samar, Toshu, Sanjay gets nervous. Hansmukh says, you all know, but why didn’t you tell us everything but now tell me the whole truth. Anupama says to leave this and not scratch old wounds. Leela shouts and stops Anupama to stop her lecture, while Leela and has much says that they want to know the whole truth, while Sanjay says eight years, and everyone gets shattered after hearing this.

Vanraj returns home. Leela stands at the door. Vanraj says Leela, but Leela slaps Vanraj and says she is ashamed to call herself his mother. Leela drags Anupama in front of Vanraj and says she ignores all her good qualities; she thought Anupama is unfit for his talented son. Leela says she didn’t lose a single chance to scolding Anupama. Leela says she is cursing her mother-in-law for 25 years for putting coal in her diamond-like son. But she doesn’t know that this diamond-like son will make her face black.

Leela said when Anupama didn’t serve him food for 25 years, I didn’t think that Vanraj is wrong, but I yelled at her, but she didn’t say a single word. Leela says Hansmukh becomes a good father from father-in-law, but I didn’t become a good mother. Leela says to Vanraj that she feels ashamed that she was born such a characterless son and cries. Anupama consoles Leela. Leela apologizes to Anupama for insulting and taunting her.

Kavya panics and thinking that she will die in stress. Leela scolding Vanraj that he is the father of 3 children and needs to get them married, but he enjoys his marital affair. Hansmukh and Leela say that why Vanraj did all this. Vanraj shouts Anupama.

Episode ends

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