Kundali bhagya 27 November 2020 Written Update : Ramona ask Mahira to execute their last plan

At the beginning of the episode, Janaki tells Preeta that Sarla has been arrested. Everyone gets shocked, and Preeta asks the reason. Janaki says she does not know, and that is why she has come here to ask why Sarla was arrested. She adds that it happened because of Sherlyn. She asks her the reason for this. Sherlyn pretends to cry and says that Sarla wanted her child to die, so she came to with the ladu of poison. But no one believes her.

Karan and others refuse to listen and trust her words. Janaki says that Sarla is not a fool who gives her own daughter poison for her karwachuth sargi. Everyone agrees with Janaki’s fact. And Sherlyn starts crying again after seeing this. Kareena comforts Sherlyn and says that she is with her.

Srishti believes that Sherlyn is doing the play, and all this was her plan. Kareena scolds Srishti for accusing Sherlyn. But Srishti does not shut up and continues to blame Sherlyn. Preeta is worried about her mother, and she thinks of going to Sarla. Ramona calls Mahira and asks her to execute her last plan. Preeta goes to her mother and cries after seeing her. Sarla tells her to leave from there and says that she should go home now and open her fast. Preeta goes from there.

Sherlyn asks Rishabh to trust her. Karan asks about Preeta. Mahira says that she has gone to meet her mother, and she heard that Preeta was saying that her plan was successful. Sherlyn calls the doctor. The doctor says that she also called Rishabh, but he did not pick up the phone. The doctor further tells them that Ladu had poison. Everyone is shocked. Karan and Rishabh don’t believe it. While Kareena orders Srishti and Janaki to leave the house.

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