Kumkum bhagya 27 November 2020 Written Update : Ranbir delicate love for prachi

At the beginning of the episode, prachi said the driver to be alert. Pragya recalled her past moments when abhi praised her for her parenting and recalled the promise of clearing all confusion between their daughters. Pragya tells prachi that they will go and meet rhea. She asks prachi to go home if she wants. Prachi needs to meet abhi and rhea. Aryan joins ranbir. He tells that he will help him out. Ranbir tells him that his family cannot receive prachi; he wants to devise the family for prachi purpose. He tells that he has made a plan to avoid and meet with prachi, he can lead his life on his own when the family is not considering his peace.

He doesn’t want to talk to anyone about it. He wants aryan to support him. Aryan asks him to find a extract and not spoil the family. He tells that it’s not good to leave the family. Ranbir breaks the door. He tells that no walls or doors can stop him. Pallavi schemes ranbir and rhea’s engagement. She tells that ranbir will not go against her. Aryan meets them to reveal her that ranbir has broken the door, and he is preparing to leave.

She hopes that rhea will be happy to meet prachi. Prachi wants to know about abhi’s reaction on knowing their relation. Pragya asks her to meet abhi herself. Mitali wants to oust pragya. She insults pragya and asks her to leave. Pragya doesn’t listen to her. She wants to meet rhea. Mitali takes attack on her. Pragya criticizes her for coming between rhea and her. Mitali calls rhea. Pragya tells rhea that she got prachi.

She tells that prachi wanted to give the statement, but rhea got the bail before that. Rhea doesn’t believe pragya. She vents out anger again. Aaliya tries to brainwash abhi. Abhi asks her not to hate pragya. He tells that he knows pragya is true. He gets enough of her hate for pragya. She tells that pragya didn’t change till now. She tells that he couldn’t fill pragya place in rhea’s life. Meera is shocked to overhear rhea and pragya conversation. She reads that pragya is abhi’s wife. Aaliya tells abhi that pragya had sent rhea to jail. Abhi asks her to stop speaking ill about pragya. He wants her to just leave.

Prachi tells rhea that pragya has slapped her because of rhea. Rhea doesn’t want to see their drama. She shows her dislike that they both waited away from her life for twenty years. Prachi and rhea have an irrational meeting. Rhea doesn’t listen to prachi at all and wants her to go away. Pragya worries that rhea doesn’t believe her. Rhea blames pragya of just giving pain. She tells pragya that she dislikes them. She ends their connections.

Episode end

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