Qurbaan Hua 27 November 2020 Written Update : Neel decided to save Dr. Baigh

At the beginning of the episode, Bhupender accepts that they are his clothes and no stays with him. The policeman was about to take Bhupender with them, but Vyas Ji said he had done many things for us to forgive him for his one mistake. All the investigation team departs. Vyas Ji said to Bhupender that when Neel was missing, he considered him as his son, but today I feel lucky that Neel came back.

Neel said he would find a new friend for him. Chahat said to Bhupender that all the misunderstandings would get clear as soon as possible, but Neel said he would come with her. Neel and Chahat came to their room, and Neel said he feels as I should not trust anyone in the world. Alekh and Godhmbhari discussed how Neel would be feeling after getting to know that his own friend is the culprit.

Chahat saw Saraswati bangles and praised them, and asked Neel that from where he bought for Saraswati. Neel said he was feeling cheated, and you are focusing on bangles. Chahat used her reverse psychology and started blaming Bhupender for the incident that happened last days. Neel gets angry and stopped Chahat from saying such things. Neel says he is close friends, but I am not able to understand what I should do.

Chahat brought a marker and heart using her two fingers and said to him to imagine that she is giving her heart to him and says from next time, if he gets in any confusion, he should think like her. Jamunaparshad called Neel and asked him about his feelings. Neel says he is fine and said Jamunaparshad to come with him to the temple as he will recheck all the monuments in the temple as he is also the son of Vyas Ji.

Chahat went to dig out the truth to Chhabra’s house and found her wife was beating him and went inside and saved Chabra by staying that he came to the hotel for some work nothing else. Chahat asked for water from her wife and after her wife went inside Chahat asked Chhabra to reveal the name who has ordered him to make this he was a little scared to take the name and suddenly her wife came and, said chahat to get out of the house when she saw her hand on his husband shoulder. Chahat saw the same bangles on her hand and gets shocked. Alekh told Godhmbhari that Chahat is eager to dig out the truth.

Neel went to the location where Bhupender shifted Dr. Baigh and feel guilty about slapping him. Suddenly Dr. Baigh starts coughing, and Neel gave him water and Dr. Baigh saw Neel’s face and said his surgery worked well and thanked God. Neel was confused Dr. Baigh have saved him or not, then Neel decided to make him healthy to get complete information.

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