Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26 November 2020 Written Update : Ridhima bag a deal with Vihan

At the beginning of the episode, Ridhima touches Dadi feet and says that she is bringing someone to stop Kabir and Anupriya as she doesn’t have any other option. And also said that she would confess everything after her work is done and left. Ridhima went to Vihan and gave him a bag of 48 Lacks, but Vihan refuses to take it as he wants a total of 50 Lacks. Vihan says he can’t go without completing payment.

Ridhima took out a watch and gave it to him. Vihan gets happy after seeing that watch. Vihan taunted him for giving his dead husband a watch, but Ridima says it for temporary as she will take it back afterward by paying you cash. Ridhima said to complete the bond paper, which is going to happen between us. Kabir came there and found a way to get in with a gun, but suddenly Ridima came out, and his gun fell. Kabir went inside to catch the man who is trying to motivate him to stand against him. Kabir went inside, and Ridima was trying to stop him.

Kabir and Ridima went there and found a man who was acting old and was having flour on his face. Ridima recalled how she saw him on the CCTV and informed Vihan. Kabir hid his gun, and Vihan was acting like an older man and wished to give him a coin of luck. Ridima said he was the manager of Ashram and she has come here to invite him. Suddenly Vihaan came and gave both of them a coin. Kabir said to the older man that his house’s interior is very modern, according to his age.

Vihaan fooled him by giving him an excuse. Kabir said Ridima to come on time. After Kabir went, Vihan came to his original character and asked Ridhima to praise him for his acting. Vihan saw Ridima was carrying Mangalsutra, which Vansh gave him. Ridima said, him not to give any personal comment. Vihan gave her the contract paper and, ask to read it. Ridima saw on the papers that Vihaan has added thousands for doing a single work and ask him to add the charges of breathing.

Ridima’s legs slip, and Vihan balanced her, and they both shared an eye in Which Ridima recalled all his most moments with Vansh. Vihaan said, Ridima to read the terms of the contract in Which it was written that if there would be a mistake of anyone Ridima has to say sorry. Afterward, Vihan says he has to risk his life as Kabir has a gun. Vihan gave 2 minutes to Ridima for thinking and also added that 25% charges would be deducted for cancellation. Anupriya called the jewelry and said, him to imprint Kabir’s name on the backside of Mangalsutra. The jeweler said he gave a reasonable price as they are a regular customer.

Anupriya asked her again about which price he is speaking. Kabir asked Anupriya why she is tensed. Then she said Ridima sold all her jewelry at 48 Lacks. Ridima said, Vihan not to take advantage of the situation and gave him the papers to sign. Vihan and Ridhima shook their hands. Ridima said, him to be on time, and there should not be any irregularities.

Episode end

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