Choti Sarrdaarni 26 November 2020 Written Update : Robbie shook hands with Vikram

At the beginning of the episode, Pathak went to Vikaram with Robbie, but Vikram did not give much attention to them and said he is busy. Robbie said to Vikaram that they had come here to help him in getting Karan back. Vikram said to Robbie that you are not loyal towards your family; what should I expect from you. Vikram advised his staff to drag them out of the cabin.

Robbie started his emotional drama and acted of going out but Vikram. Stop them and said to him to say what he wants to say. Robie showed him a video in which Haerllen bought clothes for Para. But not for Karan. Aditi was calling Vikram, but he was not answering. Robie said Vikram that if he wants his help in the future, he would be there for you. Param started crying for that, and Sarabjeet advised Harllen to bring two whenever she bring something for them.

Harleen said, Sarabjeet that she has no feelings for Karan, so she can not do anything for her. Meher said Param that they would buy clothes online for Karan. Pathak said legal proceedings would take many years. Robie advises Vikram to blackmail them for Karan and mentioned that Harleen is very much sentiment for the family’s reputation, so she will manage to give you Karan back.

Kulwant found Amrita was missing from home. Amrita went to Meher, and suddenly Robbie came with a team to sanitize the house. Vikram called the lawyer and denied to fight the case against Sarabjeet. Vikram called Aditi and asked why she is calling him so many times than Aditi cut the call and make a video call to him. Aditi started crying in front of Meher and acknowledged her about the incident when Kulwant caught her, insulted her, and gave her artificial jewelry.

Robbie instructed one of the men from the team that Karan is sleeping alone in a room. Sarabjeet and Param were doing online shopping for Karan. The doctor took Karan’s sample, but he started crying, and Meher went to see Karan. Robbie saw Sarabjeet coming towards the room and hid. Sarabjeet feeds him water, but Karan was crying loudly. Aditi advised hr to check his diaper. Suddenly Sarabjeet turned and saw Robbie peeping.

Episode end

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