Shakti 26 November 2020 Written Update : Shanoo disembarked

At the beginning of the episode, Simran stopped Preeto and requested Preeto to stay quiet for the next 24 hours. Preeto, Simran, Heer, and Virat come downstairs. Parmeet asked Preeto, does Preeto want to say something? Preeto said she would come again after 24 hours. Heer was getting ready for the celebration. Heer fixed the pillow in her saree and pretended to be pregnant in front of the mirror. Suddenly Virat entered inside Heer’s room.

Virat admired Heer’s beauty. A thought came into Virat’s mind that Heer cannot be pregnant. Virat said this is not the reality, Heer replied, but one day it will convert into reality. Simran came into Heer’s room and asked Virat and Heer to go downstairs. Malika said they would have to go to Heer’s home. Malika asks Rakhi to keep an eye on Shanoo. Shanoo thought Heer could not be pregnant because Heer is neutral. Shanoo left the Malika’s home by making an excuse of the bathroom.

Parmeet feed sweet to Heer, then Heer feed same sweet to Simran. Tejinder was carefully observing the Heer and Simran. Havan was going into the hall. Priest asked Heer to put clarified butter and patasa(sweet) in the fire. Simran supported Heer’s hand to put clarified butter and patasa in the fire.

Tejinder thought why Simran is getting indulged in every activity of Heer. Tejinder asked why Simran sits with Heer in havan. Heer said that her hand is not working properly, so to support her, Simran is there all the time. Payment stopped Tejinder and asked Simran to help Heer. Shanoo was running towards Heer’s home. Malika, with her companions, arrived at Heer’s home. Whatever ritual Priest asked Heer to complete, Simran did the same.

Havan gets completed. Suddenly Shanoo arrived at Heer’s home; then, everyone gets shocked. Parmeet asked Shanoo why she came here. Shanoo shouted and said, this everything is wrong. Tejinder asked Shanoo to speak up clearly.

Episode end

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