Barrister babu 26 November 2020 written update : Anirudh accepts the challenge

Saudamini said if villager girls failed then, Anirudh has to pay by becoming a slave of her husband without any family for the rest of his life. Anirudh accepts tye challenge by saying that he can do anything for the education of girls. Saudamini adds up her terms and condition by saying not only Anirudh, Binoy, and Trilochan will also join them in slavery. They also have to risk their position to get in return something. Anirudh said he is ready to do anything, but he will not allow his family members to get involved.

Trilochan incurred and said he is ready to take a risk to break the attitude of Saudamini. Binoy was thought for a while and accepted the challenge. Everyone was shocked to see their unity. Trilochan and Binoy motivated Anirudh to take the challenge as they were ready to risk everything.

Bondita asked Anirudh that once he said English people play a game of divide and rule, and I can see they helped to unite the family. Binoy hugged Anirudh and said sorry to him. Anirudh told in front of everyone I am accepting your challenge. Anirudh and Greenwood shook three-hand with each other.

Trilochan said to get a fair result, and we have to choose the judges who can give a fair decision. Greenwood cracked a joke and said, we will choose a fair judge tomorrow, and with that, they will make competition rules and Regulations. Greenwood said he would come with his team members, and you have to come with yours, and if you failed to come then, you would directly lose the challenge. At last, before leaving, Bondita went near Saudamini and said she might have changed her look from the outside, but she is ugly from the inside. Saudamini taunted and said she could drag you and your family from the village within a few seconds.

Bonita said she hadn’t learned anything from her last mistake, so she will tell Anirudh to teach you again. Anirudh came and said from now, and his actions will speak louder than his words and went off. Trilochan and Binoy were trying to understand the villagers, but they did not allow the girls to fight against English men. Bonita was asking Anirudh about the rules of the game.

Anirudh said this fight is for the right of education, which should be given to everyone in the world you want to study. Bonita motivated Anirudh by saying that he will support Anirudh by facing all the obstacles. Anirudh tried to explain the power unity by using the stick game. Village girls went to Anirudh and said they could not go to school and study. Anirudh gets shocked.

Episode end

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