Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 November 2020 Written Update : Kartik decided to leave the house

At the beginning of the episode, Surekha also supported Gayu and admitted that she also suffered a lot but could not speak. Manish was crying and feeling very upset. Gayu said rather than tomorrow, she and Samarth will leave today only for Mumbai and started moving outside.

Kartik said, Gayu that she can not allow both of them to go from here in this condition. Kartik said he would go from this house. Kartik decided that he will go with Kairav and Naira from this house. Everyone was shocked to hear this. Kartik’s mother came and said hee that no one would go anywhere from this house. Naksh also came forward and said we all would find a solution in which everyone will be satisfied.

Kartik said this is the best solution that we will go from here. Dadi stopped Kartik saying such things and said no one would go anywhere. Naksh told Niara to tell Kartik that she will not go anywhere leaving this house. Naira denied to say such a thing and said she is with Kartik and go along with her.

Naksh was trying to convince Gayu, but she was not changing her mind. Kartik requested Gayu to stay here till Vansh get recovered. Manish recalled his last moment as he was feeling very low. Karrikt noticed tears in Manish’s eyes. Kartik and Manish were talking to each other and crying about the situation.

Manish said he could not stay away from their children as he stayed away from them for a long time. Manish was angry with Kartik as he was willing to go from this house. Manish said he don’t care what other care and request Kartik not to go anywhere. Kartik was convincing Manish to let him go as he will come soon when Gayu’s aggression comes down. Kartik was feeling sad and recalling his last moments with Manish.

Episode end

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