Yeh Hain Chahtein 27 November 2020 Written Update : Rudkraksh does it right?

At the beginning of the episode, Rudkraksh took Mahima’s phone and told Gps that he is taking Mahima with him to Khuranas’s house. Balraj was angry at Rudkraksh as he did not arrive at the concert location. Ahana was trying to call him, but she did not get any answer. The show organizer was angry at Balrajy and said that he needs to cancel the show now as it is too late. The show organizer said now he will have to bear a huge loss and had to face my cases. Mahima was not willing to go with them. Rudkraksh ordered her to come with him as Gps is a heart patient. Yuvraj was feeling angry as no one praised him for his bravery.

Yuvraj noticed they left Mahima’s suitcase on the road only. Rudkraksh came back home, and Balraj started shouting at him, and suddenly Preesha came with Mahima, and Rudkraksh advised her to the room. Rudkraksh apologized and said Mahima was about hit by a truck. Balraj said he dot care about anyone as he has faced many losses due to Preesha.

Ahana also joined Balraj and started Taunting him for such carelessness. Balraj says that Saransh and Preesha belong to him as he forgets everything. Rudkraksh said that he would do a show free of cost and fill those losses. Preesha kissed Rudkraksh and said she is feeling proud of him.

Preesha got a call from Yuvraj and said he is standing outside the house with Mahima’s suitcase. Preesha came and took the briefcase and said Yuvraj to leave. Preesha also should at him for not informing him before about Mahima. Preesha came back and informed Rudkraksh about Yuvraj’s arrival.

Rudkraksh and Pressha discussed Mahima’s condition. Rudkraksh advised Preesha to go and sleep with Mahima. In the middle of the night, Preesha woke up and saw Mahima was missing then she Searched her and then went to Rudkraksh and saw Mahima was sleeping with Saransh and Rudkraksh and her hands were on Rudkraksh hand. Preesha got shocked and was confused about what to do.

Preesha felt for a while that Mahima is taking her position. Preesha was about to leave Rudraksh saw her and stopped her, and he noticed Mahima and gets shocked. Preesha took Rudkraksh out with him and slept in another room. The next morning Saransh woke up and saw Mahiama on her side and started shouting at him. Mahina started Panicking.

Episode end

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