Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 27 November 2020 Written Update : Sai and Virat heads towards Nagpur

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi questions Virat that why he made that promise. Virat says it’s just a deal between him and Sai to take care of her and help her in completing her education. Virat says Pakhi that one day she will get to know about his situation. Mohit called Bhavini, and suddenly Virat snatched the phone from our hand. Bhavini felt good after hearing Virat’s voice.

Bhavini asked about Pakhi that how she is feeling after going there. Virat advised Mohit and Karishma not to Reveal anything till we reach home. Mohit said everyone will ask why you only called Pakhi at her Marriage. Virat said him not to worry about the problems he will handle it on his own.

Virat came to Sai and asked her to eat. Virat said Sai not to act formally. Sai said this marriage is itself a formal than how should I behave. Sai said Pakhi is very hurt and he needs to go and apologies to her. Virat said his family is of little traditional taste so she has to manage everything. Sai said she is enough matured to take of such things. Suddenly Pakhi entered the room and felt that she should knock on the door before entering.

Virat said it’s ok and introduced Sai to Pakhi. Sai sat down with Kamal’s portrait and cried. Sai said her Life has flipped and she is confused about where she will last. Sai was about to leave for Nagpur with Virat.

Pakhi was sitting in the car and watching Virat and Sai. Karishma said she eager to see the drama Which will be held in the home. Sai said she will not return here anymore as she has to go from here forcefully with Virat. A small girl came and hugged Sai and gave her a few flowers. Usha requested Sai to hug her before leaving. Virat asked Usha to come with her for Sai, but Sai denied.

Episode end

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