Anupamma 27 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj accept his hatred for Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj shouts and says it all happened because of Anupama as she doesn’t deserve a man like him, but his parents hand over his whole life to her. He adds that she always smells bad. She can’t even do a single job right and is unable to say sorry properly. Vanraj adds that she is like a maid. Lila gets angry she yells at Vanraj. But Vanraj didn’t stop. He says that that he can’t bring Anupama out with him because of her low class.

Vanraj says that Anupama can’t even read the menu, and she always wants to eat the cheapest dish. He says that he don’t want a woman like her. He wants a woman who can walk along with him. He says that he tried to be a good husband, father. He tried to give them all the happiness. But Anupama never wanted to change herself. Thus he finds his happiness outside.

Vanraj blames Anupama for his extramarital affairs. He adds that now because her family starts hating him. While Toshu and Samar try to stop him, but he didn’t stop. Hanshmuk gets angry, and he pushes him aside, saying that he didn’t see a shameless man like him in his whole life who made a mistake and blame others. Hanshmuk adds that it would have been better if he was childless. Later Hanshmuk’s condition gets worsens. The family tries to calm him down. He asks Leela to send Vanraj away. Anupama asks him to calm down. Sanjay asks Vanraj to go from there for the sake of Hanshmuk else his condition will worsen more.

While Vanraj gives Anupama a strong glare and walks away, Anupama asks Hanshmuk if he is fine now or they need to call a doctor. He asks if she is okay. She nodes in yes. He says then he is fine too. Later, Vanraj gives a call to Kavya. He tells her everything. He tells her that because of Anupama, everyone starts hating him. Even Lila slapped him. And Hanshmuk and others don’t want to see his face. Kavya consoles him and says that she is with him.

Anupama stressed about Pakhi. While Samar, Paritosh are talking about Vanraj. Pakhi is thinking about divorce. She says with whom they should live if Anupama and Vanraj get a divorce. Anupama asks them to care for their father as he cares for them a lot. While Hansmuk and Lila are upset. They blame themselves for their bad upbringing. Anupama consoles her children. She says that she will always stand with them. There Vanraj notices that Lila is crying. And Dolly console crying Anupama.

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