Shaadi Mubarak 27 November 2020 Written Update : Will Preeti accept KT?

At the beginning of the episode, Rati asks Tarun to leave from here as if Preeti gets remarried, and then we can’t show our face to anyone now. Tarun tells Rati that Preeti will never do that. Kusum asks Preeti to take a strong decision for herself. She asks Preeti to accept KT and the sindoor, which KT fills in her maang. Tarun asks her to stop. He takes Preeti from there. Kusum stands still and cry.

Nandini believes that KT is doing drama just like her, and he doesn’t love Preeti. She adds that she and KT made for each other and should get married for the sake of their bright future. KT gets irritated. KT shouts that he only loves Preeti and wants to marry her while Nandni feels that it’s a lie.

Nandini asks where Preeti is. Why she is not here With him. KT went to Preeti. He asks her to come with him as he wants to discuss something with her while Tarun yells at him.

Kusum stops Tarun and asks KT to talk with Preeti. Neelima is thinking about Arjun. KT’s father asks how she can forgive Nandini. Neelima says once Arjun comes inKT’ss life, he gets happiness. She adds that she only cares for Arjun and KT. WhileKT’ss father tells her that maybe Arjun is notKT’ss son as Nandini is a cheater, we can’t believe her words. Neelima stands in shock.

There KT tells Preeti that he wants to be her. And don’t want to be with Nandini as she is his nightmare. Preeti cries. KT asks her to stop crying. He says that he will handle everything. He adds that he will not let Nandini bother him anymore.  While Preeti is thinking about Kusum’s words.

KT comes back. The people make videos and joke about KT, who don’t have marital bliss; this lady has run from the mandap, his fate is bad. Tarun hears them talking. Pandit asks will the marriage happen here or not. KT says marriage won’t happen. He pushes the decorative pot pillars. Tarun says he did right to end the drama. Rati asks what’s happening. KT says I m alone and will always be alone. He stumbles. Preeti comes and holds his hand. Kusum smiles. Everyone looks on. Preeti recalls her own words that she will always support KT in every decision. She cries. KT looks at her.

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