Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27 November 2020 Written Update : Anupriya locks Riddhima

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima is shocked to see Kabir in her room. He asks her why she is shocked because this room is going to be his too. Riddhima says, but for now, this room is her. So please go from here. Instead of going, he gives Riddhima a wedding lehenga with a dupatta that says “Kabir’s Riddhima.” He asks her if this beautiful or not? He says that he made this dupatta, especially for her. Riddhima says she will never wear this red color for him because she does not love him. She adds that she will wear red only for Vansh because she only loves him.

She takes white clothes and says she will wear this lehenga. Kabir says that do whatever you want and leaves. Kabir thinks about how Riddhima suddenly got so much confidence. He goes down and calls Aryan. He asks him there is a wedding in 2 hours, where is Panditji. Aryan is about to tell him, but Kabir pushes him. Aryan falls and is angry. Ishani sees this and tells Aryan that she had said that Kabir is not the right boy. But he still listened to him, and today Kabir insulted him. Aryan gets angry and says that Kabir should not have done this.

Ishani comes to Riddhima. She put a bangle in her hand. Because the grandmother asked her to do so. But the bangle breaks, and Riddhima groans in pain. Ishani says that she wants to give her even more trouble. She leaves from there. Riddhima calls Vihaan and asks him where he is. And why he did not reach VR mansion. Vihaan says that he will come on time. Kabir reaches Vihaan’s hideout. And it is shown that Kabir comes to know about Riddhima’s plan. There Anupriya tells Riddhima very soon Riddhima will be tied to Kabir, and then she will teach her a lesson.

Kabir asks the grandmother for Vansh’s safa. Grandma is stunned. Kabir engages grandmother in his sweet talk. So that grandmother gives him the safa of Vansh. Dadi tells Kabir that she cannot give Safa. Kabir says he does not have a single sign of Vansh, so he wants a safa. Grandmother comes in Kabir’s talk and gives Kabir a safaa. Kabir thanks grandmother. He hugs Grandma. The grandmother cries after remembering Vansh. Riddhima notices this and snatches Safa from Kabir. She says he is not entitled to it. Kabir says Riddhima, he will soon become the master of this house and will be entitled to get everything of Vansh. He teases Riddhima saying that she looks very beautiful. Riddhima thinks of Vihaan. She is about to go out, but Anupriya stops her. Anupriya locks Riddhima. She calls Meher and shares her trouble with her. Meher gives her courage.

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