Shakti 27 November 2020 Written Update : Tejinder revealed the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Tejinder asks Shano what she wants to say.  Shano is about to tell her that Heer is a eunuch.  But Preeto throws red color at her.  She says we celebrate it like this, and this is what Shano wanted to tell them.  She shows Shano the knife and tells her to go outside.  Shano is gone.  Tejinder suspects Preeto, and she goes after Shano.

Simran looks at Heer.  Shano acts angrily and says she can’t bear more slap now.  Tejinder asks her what she had come to tell them. Shano asks her to think why Heer is not sitting alone in worship.  Tejinder remembers Simran sitting in worship with Heer.  She goes inside. Shano says she will gradually move towards Preeto’s ruin.  She laughs.  Sindhu asks Preeto what happened to Shano.  Preeto says she has gone mad.  She tells Shano now they should go home because the spectacle is over now.

Parmeet is performing the ritual.  Tejinder interrupts her.  Parmeet gets shocked.  Shano reveals that Heer is not pregnant.  Virat sees Simran and takes her out.  He makes her sit in the car.  Heer thinks it would be better if Virat comes back after fixing everything.  Virat asks Simran who the boy is and where he lives.  Simran says that the boy’s name is Arjun Randhawa, and he lives in Peepali Colony.  When  Sant hears that Simran is pregnant, he is very angry; he asks Tejinder to think and speak.  But Tejinder asks her to trust him.  There, Simran and Virat learn that Arjuna has run away.  Simran breaks down.  Virat takes her home.  Parmeet curses Heer and pushes her out of the house.  Virat handles Heer.  Sant and Parmeet are angry to see Simran. They curse her.

Sant asks about that boy. Simran tells him that he ran away. Heer asks he was not going to marry Simran, then why did he run away. Parmeet scolds Heer and asks who is she to talk about marriage. Virat says that Heer considers everyone her own thus, she was helping. Heer tells Virat to stay silent. And tries to explain things to Parmeet. But Parmeet ignores Heer, saying that from now on, she will decide everything. Later Parmeet locks Simran. Simran tries to harm herself. While Heer announces that she will find Arjun.

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