Qurbaan Hua 28 November 2020 Written Update : Chahat plan to reveal Alekh

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat said the lady that these bangles are of her family. Chahat asked her to tell the truth or else she will call the police. Chahat clicked a few photos of her as proof. Neel was Angry, and talking to himself about whom he wanted to kill for a long time gas saved my life. Suddenly Dr. Baigh started coughing.

Chahat asked that from where she got those bangles. Chahat warned her if she will not reveal the seller’s information, she will inform the police. Lady said she would take her to that seller. Neel was trying to contact the doctor, but he did not get any answer than Neel called Chahat and explained the situation, and asked her for the solution.

Chahat gave few ideas to her. Chahat went home and showed a Video recording to Vyas Ji in which the dealer confess that Bhupender was not the person who gave him the order. Bhupender wore a mask and came in front of Neel. Bhupender told Neel that he had not done anything wrong. Chahat said the dealer was very afraid to reveal the culprit’s name.

Jamunaparshad told Chahat to inform Neel about the Video. Chahat went to Alekh and asked him to give those bangles of Saraswati. Alekh was surprised. Alek made an excuse that all jewelry is in the bank locker, but Chahat said that he brought all the gold ornament home a few days ago. Chahat called the lady and askes her to make a meeting with the seller.

Neel was feeling guilty about slapping Bhupender. Neel thanked Chahat to give him positive support. Neel said, Chahat to close her eye and think of a person whom she admires most suddenly. Chahat opened her eyes and fooled him that he was thinking of something else. Neel again asked her by coming close to her. Neel got a notification that her examination hall ticket is delivered, and he ran outside to search for it.

Vyas Ji was about to open the envelope, but Neel started acting feeling guilty to slap Bhupender to distract him. Secretly Neel stole that and went off. Chahat went inside the examination hall, and the examiner said today Vyas Ji gas arrived here to given them positive energy. Chahat heard his name and started hiding her face.

Episode end

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