Barrister babu 27 November 2020 written update : Binoy apologizes to Greenwood

At the beginning of the episode, Suraiya tells Anirudh that she is afraid of studying more than the British. Bondita tells them about the importance of education. On the other hand, Trilochan asks the villagers to decide whether they want to land or live with their stubbornness. The villagers say that they do not want the help of the Heera Mandi girls. Anirudh explains to the girls that education is very important. And men do not allow them to read because they do not want women to overtake them. Suraiya says that she and the other girls do not want to study, so they will not join him.

Further, in a letter, Anirudh is writing to the girls of Heer Mandi that from now on, they will not live in Tulsipur but in Devipur with Bondita’s mother. Bondita comes, and she shares the pain with Anirudh. Bondita is disappointed to see Anirudh suffering. She asks for help from the Mother Goddess. Trilochan comes there and says he has a way to cure their problem. In the morning, Anirudh is going to Greenwood. Binoy interrupts him. He asks him if the girls are ready for the bet. Anirudh refuses. Binoy says then he should not go. Anirudh says he will definitely go as he made a promise. He calls Bondita. Bihari gives him the message of Bondita and says that Bondita is not at home.

Bondita gives the Anirudh’s letter to Heera mandi girls. She says that Anirudh gives them this letter himself, but he has gone to Neel Talab. Ramya asks what is written in it. Bondita says she cannot tell it, but she can tell that Anirudh was crying while writing it. Ramya feels sad to know this. Suraiya apologizes. Anirudh comes to Greenwood. When Mini does not see any girl with Anirudh, she taunts him. Greenwood says that he was already aware that India’s girls are weak and cannot face boys.

Bondita asks the girls of Heera Mandi to give her the picture of Rasiya so that she can feed it in the pond. Heera Mandi’s girls ask her why she wants to do this. Bondita says that because Rasiya fought for their excellent future, they do not want to fight for themselves for whom she fought today. So she wants to do this. Greenwood says that when the girls and his wife have given up so as per his net Anirudh losses, so now Anirudh should become his slave.

Mini gives Anirudh a leash that binds around the dog’s neck. So that he can tie it up and become her husband’s dog. Ramya and the other girls agree to support Bondita. Accept Suraiya. Ramya asks Suraiya to accompany them in this fight. There Trilochan gives a rope to the Tulsipur people and says that they should die with the help of rope. Because the land rights will belong to the British, they will not be able to do farming or make any money, so that death will be a better choice.

There Binoy asks Greenwood to forgive his son. But Greenwood taunts him and says he will never forgive him and his son. He asks Anirudh to accept his gulami. While Sorav informs Bondita and others that villagers accept Greenwood’s condition. This makes everyone happy. And they go towards Anirudh.

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