Choti Sarrdaarni 27 November 2020 Written Update : Pathak bag a deal with Kulwant

At the beginning of the episode, Sarabjeet and Meher were trying to make Karan quiet, but Karan was shouting. Suddenly Meher noticed a red mark on his hand. Param requested Sarabjeet and Meher to make funny faces to make Karan quiet. Meher and Aditi went outside to talk. Kulwant was shouting for tea and said if within 3 seconds, if tea would not be brought, she will break the bones of everyone.

Pathak went to Kulwant with a weird recording. Harleen went to Param and asked that is he still angry with him. Param said Harllen first to feed Karan than only he will eat. Harllen thought in the future that Karan would acquire half of the property. Harllen though she has done something to fix this.

Harllen said she would tell Meher to cook special food for Karan. Aditi and Meher were discussing with each other. Meher said, Amrita to wait for a while and went off. Param came to Amrita and askes her to help her in the study. Meher came with few money and stood there and started watching them.

Amrita helped Param in her study. Kulwant said Pathak to come to the point. Pathak asked her plot in exchange for that recording. Kulwant asked what he will do business in that land, and he will share the profit with her. Meher advised Amrita to start giving tuition, but Amrita denied and said she is a housewife and could not manage all these things.

Pathak said he make a big profit with it. Kulwant accepted the Patahak deal and shaken hands with him. And here, Amrita and Meher decided to open a coaching class. Vikram was asked about Karan when they took the blood sample and about the reports. Suddenly he heard a noise from the tablet and went near to examine and noticed Aditi was on a video call from a long ago.

Sarabajeet, Param was doing a competition and suddenly came and started watching them. Suddenly Sarabjeet received a call from where he got the news that Vikram has taken his case back. Sarabajeet felt happy to hear this and praises Vikram for this gesture. Sarabjeet informed Meher about this and went on thinking.

Episode end

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