Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Akshara and Abhira being blissful about winning the case.

Then again, Armaan attempts to comfort the other legal advisor yet he disappears.

Meanwhile, Dadisa and Vidya invite Rohit to his new office and urge him to pick a ring for Ruhi.

Nonetheless, Rohit lets the pair know that he’s not prepared for things driving Dadisa to express that he should satisfy his obligations as well.

Rohit lets Dadisa know how Armaan is significant for his ethics, adding that he’s the white sheep of the family.

He further inquires as to whether she can’t pardon Armaan for his misstep of taking up Abhira’s case.

At the hotel, Akshara lets Abhira know that she has called Armaan for supper as he has helped them a ton.

Akshara demands that Abhira not battle with Armaan when Abhira gets a letter from a man.

Abhira gets frightened, believing that it is Yuvraj’s letter driving the man to express that the letter is from Armaan.

Accordingly, the mother-girl team open the letter and come to realize that Armaan is leaving for Udaipur.

Abhira hurries to meet Armaan as she naturally suspects he’s still there in the hotel while outside, Armaan wanders off in fantasy land about persuading Ruhi and going to Rohit’s commitment.

Before long, Armaan drives off driving Abhira to pursue him to get him yet she falls flat.

At Udaipur, the Birla’s and Goenka’s met up for the commitment of Ruhi and Rohit.

Dadisa desires Rohit to put the ring on Ruhi yet Rohit states that he’ll begin it in a short time as he needs to hang tight for Armaan.

Inevitably, Dadisa enlightens Swarna regarding holding the marriage when the Sangeet moves past, making Manish’s face insightful.

Outside, Armaan hurries to meet Rohit while then again, Manish lets Dadisa know that on the off chance that Ruhi agrees to the union with be held in two days, it’ll be so.

Ruhi ponders internally that Armaan won’t come to her while then again, Armaan approaches the commitment scene.

Inside, Ruhi assents for the union with be held in two days, making everybody thrilled while Rohit inquires as to whether she’s fine with it, making Ruhi concur.

All at once, Armaan comes to while the ring service goes on driving Ruhi to become close to home and mislead Swarna that she’ll fix her dress and come.

Then again, Rohit calls Armaan driving them to embrace while Manish and Surekha appreciate the caring connection between the siblings.

Swarna gets stressed while then again, Rohit apologizes to Armaan for proceeding the service without him.

Armaan states that it’s fine when Rohit urges him to move as it’s his commitment function driving them to move, while Swarna gets dubious.

Higher up, Ruhi separates contemplating Armaan and asks why he made herextremely upset.

Ground floor, Armaan seeing the Goenka’s, gets blissful as Dadisa has welcomed them while then again, Ruhi separates figuring the reason why didn’t Armaan come to her?