Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3 November: Kairav’s heartfelt apology

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi was telling Manish to call Kartik and ask her about the children. Immediately Kartik and Naira came and stood speechless in front of the family. All were watching each other faces. Suddenly the truck honked and arrived there. The truck driver helped. Kairav to come down from the truck. All were happy to see them back, and Naira was crying to see them back. Kairav apologizes to his parents Niara hugged Akshrara, Kairav ran inside the home.

A few moments later, Naira noticed Akshara was not responding. Kairav went to the temple and recalled how her mother used to pray and licked Gangajal and came outside and sprinkled water on her face. Kartik said, him to stop this as they were leaving for the hospital. Kairav was requesting Akshara to wake up. Suddenly Akshara blinked her eyes. All faces were filled with joy and tears of happiness.

Naira searched for Kirav at the next moment, but he was not there anymore. Akshara was sitting at the corner with his head down. Vansh and Krish helped Kirav to change his mood. Kairav thought that now Naira and Kartik would scold her. Vansh tells him that Krishna is the root cause of every problem, and Krishna heard this secretly.

Doctore examined Aksha and revealed the stats. Kartik told Naira that they should now go to Kairav and talk to him. Kairav itself came there and apologized for everything. Then Manish asked her why he did this. Then he explained the story and started crying.

Kartik served him a glass of water, and suddenly Naira asked her the reason for doing such nonsense. Kairav tells everyone that he did this to drag Krishna out of this house as Dadi said that she would be out of the house if she would do anything.

Kartik started scolding him for this. Naira also started scolding for this. Manish and Dadi also said that he has done very wrong. Alekh and other members pointed towards the other Children of the house for such irresponsible activity. Naira left from there by saying that she will not talk to her anymore.

Kartik tells Kairav to apologize to Krishna. Krishna told everyone who did not scold Kairav because he saw Kairav putting Alshra into the box, but she didn’t say anything to anyone. Dadi suddenly came forward and started scolding Krishna. Naira and Kartik scolded Krishna for this. Naira said Kartik that everyone has to suffer for this.

Episode end

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