Anupamma 3 November : The debate between Anupama and Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama says that she has no problem with Kavya and Vanraj’s marriage. But before all this, Vanraj will have to tell the truth about Kavya and his relationship with Leela and Jayesh as she cannot hurt them by telling this bitter truth. Anupama notices that the slippers are kept upside down in Kavya’s house, so she straightens them and says that when we kept the slippers like that, it can cause a fight in the house, and she wants that at least someone has peace in their house. Anupama leaves from there. Vanraj curses Kavya after Anupama leaves as she talks about their marriage in front of Anupama and adds that he will not divorce Anupama and leaves. Kavya throws things in anger.

Pakhi is crying in her room. Paritosh and Samar go to Pakhi and ask her the reason for her unhappiness. Pakhi tells them that she has realized that there is something wrong with her parents, but they are not telling her. Paritosh says that it is not what she is thinking. Pakhi says that she is not fooled that she comes into his words. Samar says that they should tell Pakhi everything, but Paritosh refuses this.

Rakhi comes to meet Leela and asks about Anupama. Anupama comes there. Rakhi repeatedly brings Kavya in the middle. Anupama ignores her and bids her farewell. Leela asks Anupama what has happened between her and Vanraj. Anupama does not say anything and leaves. Vanraj arrives at the house and goes after Anupama.

Kinjal asks Rakhi why she went to Anupama’s house. She asks her what she went to find out. Rakhi says she went to find the evidence. Kinjal is shocked. On the other hand, Vanraj asks Anupama to stop her play. Anupama says if she had made the same mistake, would he have kept quiet. Vanraj says, how dare she say something like that. Anupama says that she only has the courage to talk about it, but he has the courage to do it. Vanraj gets shocked. Further, Anupama sees that Samar is taking an online dance class.

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