Kundli bhagya 4 November : Karan decides to take Mahira to Luthra house

At the beginning of the episode, Mahira says that her mother left her due to Karan, and now they should leave her in the ashram because she does not have a house now. Mahira regrets that she survived suicide. She even adds that she can die back because there is no one to stop her. Kareena says that she should not talk about such things as they are still left. They are also her family, and they will take care of her. Mahira is happy to hear this. At the same time, Prithvi thinks that Mahira did very well. Rishabh tells Mahira that she should take care of herself and leaves.

Preeta examines Mahesh’s health and says that his health is perfectly fine, and now he just needs to wake up. Then Sarla’s call comes to Preeta, and she asks about Srishti. Preeta says that she should not worry about Srishti because she will come in a while. Next, Sarla asks Preeta about the muhdikhai ritual. Preeta tells her that her muhdikhai ritual was stopped due to Mahira’s scandal. She adds that, but she should not worry because everything is fine now, and Srishti was also with her, so she doesn’t worry. Sarla says ok and hangs up the phone.

Rishabh wants to talk to Kareena, and Kareena asks him what he wants to tell her. Rishabh says that she should first promise him that she will understand his point. Dadi and Karan also come there. While the other side, Janaki calls Preeta and tells her that maybe Mahira can try to get into her house through the drama of suicide. There, Rishabh tells Kareena that she is doing wrong by taking Mahira home. Because Preeta and Mahira cannot live in under one house. Dadi makes Rishabh understand that Mahira is not in good condition, so they have to take care of her.

Janaki tells Preeta that Mahira has played with feelings this time, and through this, she will become the second woman in her married life, and the little fight between Karan and Preeta will increase. Janaki tells the story of her sister, which is similar to Preeta. But Preeta does not understand her point and says that the housemates will not let her come.

While grandmother, Kareena, and Karan decide to take Mahira to their house. Preeta tells Janaki that if Mahira dares to come into her home, she takes care of Mahira, she does not worry, and she hangs up the phone. Preeta says that she trusts her housemates that they will not let Mahira allow her to come to their home.

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