Qurbaan Hua 4 November : Alekh went to gather information regarding Dr. Baigh

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat collapsed and fell on the floor. Neel was trying to wake her and wondering how Chahat felt unconscious. Neel noticed that the air purifier was stinking. Neel immediately removed that and picked Chahat in his arm. Suddenly Chahat regained her consciousness and taunted Neel that he was trying to take advantage of the situation. Then Neel said to him that he was just he. Then Chahat apologized and said she doubts because of hiJimoddy nature.

Neel craked a joke using Chahat’s original name. Then Chahat gets angry. And from another side, Bhupender entered then Neel shared this joke with him also then both of them teases her jointly.

Alekh was about to leave for Delhi. Vyas Ji gave him some money to donate to the funds. Neel came inside the room and tried to make her happy. Then Chahat, said Neel that she did not feel good when someone teases her with this name. Chahat was worried about her exam and requested Neel to leave her alone for some time.

Vays Ji handed over that burnt id card to Alekh and asked him to get information regarding this. Neel prays to God for Chahat, and Chahat was praying for Neel’s happiness instead of her wishes. Bhupender saw Neel and teases him by saying that he loves Chahat. Neel tries to deny, but he was feeling shy.

Chahat went to Naveli and asked her to order a baby powder for her. Naveli said to him that she is preparing a list for her, then she saw the list in which she found nothing which belongs to Kripa. Then an argument burst out, and Godhmbhari entered and taunted Chahat for insulting Naveli and being superior in front of Vyas Ji. Chahat was trying to explain the but in between. Naveli said Chahat had made a family use group in which only Vyas Ji and Neel are active. Neel came there, seeing her Godhambhari changed the topic and went off from there.

Neel came inside the room, switched on the Lights, and noticed that Chahat was sitting down on the floor and consuming alcohol. Godhmabhri noticed her from the door and called everyone by shouting. Chahat said Godhmbhari to smell the class and check. Then Godhambhari tasted and said its apple juice. Vyas Ji scolded Godhambhari for shouting like this without knowing anything.

Vyas Ji asked Chahat for the reason she was crying. By, mistake Chahat said exams. Then Neel twisted the words and handled the situation. Vyas Ji said Chahat to study and not to worry about household work.

Episode end

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