Ishq Mein Marjawan2 3 November : Vansh is digging someone’s grave

At the beginning of the episode, Kabir checks his phone and receives Riddhima’s message. He opens the message, and he realizes that Ragini is alive. Kabir is terrified and mumbles that Ragini cannot be alive because if Ragini is alive, then Vansh will not be proved guilty. He calls Riddhima, and her phone picks up by Kabir’s mother. Kabir asks her why she picked up Riddhima’s phone. His mother says that she got Riddhima’s phone in the clothes. And Kabir tells her about Ragini, and she gets nervous after listening to him and says, how can this happen. Kabir says that he wants to know the same thing from Riddhima, so you send her phone to Riddhima. Kabir’s mother sends Riddhima’s Phone, and Riddhima tries to call Kabir, but before that Riddhima is able to tell Kabir anything on the phone, someone makes her faints by giving her drugs.

Kabir’s mother tells Kabir that Riddhima is probably lying, and Ragini is not alive. Kabir says that Riddhima is telling the truth. Kabir’s mother says that if this is the case, then all their plans will be spoiled. Kabir says that he will not let anything go wrong and tells her a plan to get information from Riddhima. Vansh is waiting for Ragini to come to her senses while he gets a call from his partner, who tells him that Riddhima was thinking about giving information to Kabir, but he stopped her.

Further, Riddhima senses that her legs are working. She thinks about calling Kabir but finds that her phone has been damaged. That’s when she gets a letter. In which the Kabir tells her to meet him at the poolside. Riddhima reaches there but is shocked to see Vansh there. Kabir also comes to the poolside but hides on seeing Vansh there. Riddhima thinks that no matter what she has to give information about Ragini to Kabir, she is starting a discussion about Ragini, which gives Kabir a hint about Ragini. And he tells this to his mother, and his mother says that Riddhima is fearless fighting against Vansh. Kabir says that he knows it; that’s why he pitched Riddhima against Vansh.

Kabir asks his mother to help Riddhima, but his mother says no to this. Kabir begs her, and she agrees to him. While Vansh is digging someone grave and after a while, he gets a call from Angre, who tells him that Ragini is gaining her senses. Vansh asks him to keep him updated. There, Riddhima notices that Vansh is digging a grave, and she thinks that this is for Ragini and vows that she will save Ragini from Vansh. Later, Vansh asks Riddhima to feed him curd as today is a big day for him. Vansh then leaves the house and asks Ishani to keep her eyes on Riddhima.

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