Shakti 3 November : Heer is upset with Virat’s condition

At the beginning of the episode, Preeto tells Parmeet that she did this so that Heer can be safe and happy, and Virat is also happy in Heer’s happiness. Parmeet says that she does not think that an incomplete marriage can bring joy to their children’s lives. Parmeet threatens Preeto that she will finish the game she started, and as Preeto wishes, she would consider Heer as her daughter so that she will do it, but Heer will have to face a lot for this.

Parmeet leaves after threatening Preeto, and Preeto gets worried and thinks about what price Heer will have to pay. She decides to talk to Parmeet. But Mahi stops Preeto and ask her to act patiently.

Virat remembers the promises made to Preeto. Virat enters the room, and there he finds Gurminder conversing with Heer. Gurminder leaves from there. While Virat tells Heer that they cannot live in a room with each other because their marriage is still incomplete. Heer is shocked to hear this and asks Virat the reason for this.

Virat says that they should first fulfill the conditions of Preeto and then enjoy the married life. Virat puts the idea of ​​sleeping outside in front of Heer, which makes Heer upset, and she asks him why he is accepting Preeto’s terms. Gurminder comes back to Heer’s room and sees Heer crying while Virat is going out of the room. Gurminder asks her what happened. Heer says that Virat plans to stay away from her because their marriage is incomplete.

Virat thinks that he will have to continue this drama in front of Heer until Heer realizes her truth. Gurminder tries to get Virat to understand that he should be with Heer, but Virat refuses. There Heer finds Virat gets close to her in a dream and is disappointed because, in reality, Virat is not with her. Heer goes to the garden, and Virat follows her. The two share a romantic moment, and Heer asks for a gift.

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