Barrister babu 3 November : Bondita cries for Trilochan

At the beginning of the episode, Devoleena forbids Ramaiya and Suraiya to participate in Durga Puja, saying they are impure. Devoleena tells them to leave from there while Anirudh stops them and says that when the soil comes from their place to become the idol of Goddess Durga, how did they become unholy. Somati also agrees with Anirudh and says that these girls also have every right to participate in the puja. Like Bondita, this their house too, and in the maternal home, they have all the right to take away the things they want, and we are no one to stop them.

Devolina makes faces, and further Durga Puja festival begins. All join their hands in Durga puja while Anirudh and Bondita dance together. Later everyone joins them, and Anirudh goes to Saurav. Anirudh tells Saurav that they need to give these girls the same honor in the entire society. He tells him that he will take them to Tulsipur, and there he will keep them in his second mansion.

And Sourav will have to take full care of them because now they are not his guests but his family. Sourav agrees. Later, Bondita tells Anirudh that she saw Mini in Heera Mandi and asks her for help, but Mini does not help her, but she looks at her angrily and leaves. Anirudh is shocked to hear this.

Further, Bondita and Anirudh come to Tulsipur. Seeing the decoration of the house, Bondita asks Anirudh for whom this decoration has been done. Anirudh says for her. Bondita is happy and goes inside the house. Bihari and Koyli stand for Bondita to give her a grand welcome. Bondita tells them that she missed the sweet talks of Bihari and the delicious food made by Koyli.

Bihari says now that Bondita has come, everything will be alright. Anirudh asks him what has gone wrong that needs to be fixed. Bihari does not give him an answer. Anirudh asks Bihari about Trilochan.

Bondita says that Trilochan will come only when she becomes a skilled housewife. Then Bondita enters the house. Then Binoy brings Trilochan, who is in an unconscious state. Binoy tells them that Trilochan’s condition worsens due to an injury. Bondita cries and says that she will not leave from here without taking Trilochan’s blessings.

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