Anupamma 4 November : Samar apologises to Nandni

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama tells Samar that she knows that her son will progress a lot. Samar says that she should teach the Indian dance to young children and walk on the path of progress. But Anupama refuses. Anupama says that he should approach Nandni for this. Samar gets annoyed after hearing Nandani’s name. Anupama realizes that and makes him understand that he should not be angry with Nandni as Nandni is also doing what she is doing right now. And anyway Nandni is very good, and she cares a lot for them so he should not be angry with her. Samar understands that. Anupama tells him to smile because he looks so good with a smiling face. Summer also asks her to be happy.

Vanraj and Paritosh do boxing. Paritosh tells Vanraj to box up comfortably, or else his back pain may arise. Vanraj asks him not to give him any advice as to what he should do, as well as Vanraj thinks that now Anupama is doing too much drama, so he will have to do something to make her lose her gameness.

Anupama goes to the kitchen and finds that Leela is cooking. Anupama asks her why she is doing this. Leela tells her that Vanraj has asked her to cook for him. Anupama says that she should have given this job to Jhilmil. Leela tells her that Jhilmil has not arrived yet. Anupama calls Jhilmil and asks why she has not come yet. Jhilmil says that Vanraj had been said that they are going out, so she did not come. Then Anupama is angry with Vanraj and looks outside the window, and Vanraj is standing behind the window. She tells Leela that she does not need to do all this work. She will do it herself. Leela leaves the kitchen.

Vanraj smiles upon seeing Anupama and says that she is his wife, and she has to obey him at last. Vanraj says that now he will break her tantrums and ask her to made tea snacks for him. There, Samar apologizes to Nandni, and the two share good moments. Vanraj ready for office and sits at the breakfast table and thinks that now he will finish the game started by Anupama. Jhilmil gives Vanraj a tea, and Vanraj is shocked to see her and asks Anupama why she called Jhilmil. Anupama asks back instead of answering why did he give leave to Jhilmil. Vanraj says that because he gives her a salary. Anupama says this time, Jayesh gave Jhilmil salary. Vanraj asks her, and who will give Jhilmil her further salary, you? Anupama answers, yes. Vanraj wants to degrade her courage, so he adds that she can only cook food, and even servants can do it. Vanraj takes the tiffin and says that she can only do this and goes from there. Anupama thinks that this is a misconception of Vanraj that she cannot do anything because she can do everything and show it.

Vanraj reaches the office and scolds the staff. Kavya asks him why he is venting the anger of the house on the staff. Vanraj says that he is upset due to Anupama and tells her everything in detail. Kavya says that according to this, Anupama will not divorce him. Vanraj says he knows what Anupama can do and what not. Next, both have breakfast, and Vanraj gets an empty box.

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