Yeh Hain Chahtein 4 November : Shardha alerts Rudraksh

At the beginning of the episode, Shardha tells Preesha that she tried to save her, but she pulled her on earing and jumped from there by saying that she would get punished for her death. Shradha tried to pull her back, but she fell. Shardha gets confused about what to do next. Shardha requests Preesha to believe her. Shardha said that she decided to reveal the truth, but she saw Mr. Jain’s situation and thought he might recognize her. Then she saw Preesha proving Rudraksh innocent and thought of being silent.

Shardha tells her that she went to the hospital for her injury on the ear made by Kirti. Shardha was panicking and telling that now she will be blamed for everything. Preesha tells that she will go and exchange the sample of her and save her from jail. Preesha went from there, and Shardha thought of inform Rudraksh and asked him to Stop Preesha. Shardha went to Rudrakh and informed him about everything.

Ahana was thanking the manager for providing the full CCTV footage. Ahana, while downloading footage, thought that now she will prove everything in front of Balraj. Rudraksh went to stop Preesha.

Rahul asks Neerja to wake up and tells her that he will fix everything back just she needs to recover. Yuvraj was secretly hearing all this and thought of smashing Rahul from his car. Rahul saw Yuvraj and tells him that Neerja is also responding to him. Rahul went outside to inform Rudraksh of everything. Yuvraj came near Neerja and made some changes in the machine and ran outside Howling.

Rahul called the doctors to examine her. Yuvraj though in his mind that now Rahul will attend Neerja’s funeral despite fixing everything. Rahul called Preesha and requested her to come to the hospital as soon as possible. Rudraksh went there and searching for her. A strange lady called Rudraksh, but he did not respond as he left his phone inside the car. Rudraksh thought of exchanging the DNA samples of Shardha before Preesha does.

Episode end

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