Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 November: Kartik punishes all the children

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik decided that all the children will stay apart from each other, and they will share nothing among them. Nira said in a loud tone that no one should come around Akshara. Kartik requested the family members to cooperate in his decision and said not to talk to anyone. Kartik told Kairav that all his efforts are proving to be useless, which he did for them. Kartik took back all the awards from them. And said, them to move towards their room.

Kartik and Naira were discussing. Kartik said that he was feeling guilty when he spoke to Kairav in a high pitch. Naira acknowledges him that dadi was saying none of the children have eaten properly.Kairav speaking to himself, says that all the incidents which happened because of him and he is the worst brother in the world as she put her sister in danger. Naira tells Kartik that it’s tough to become a good parent. Kartik doubted his decision to adopt Krishna too soon.

Kairav had A Nightmare, and he ran to see Akshara, but Naira did not allow him to meet her then he went back with a sad face. Dadi tells Manish to immediately talk to Kartik and drag out Krishna from the house. Manish and Alekh tell that this time there is no mistake of hers, so they cant do so. Dad gets angry by seeing everyone taking the Krinsha side.

The next day, all the children ran near Ravan’s dummy, but Naira tells them that they will not celebrate Dushera next time they realize their mistake. Kartik gives them lessons to them through this and said every to prove that they will not repeat their mistake in the future.Children were feeling sad at the dining table and thinking about what will happen next. All the decorations were done, and were about to celebrate Dushera. The rest of the children were only peeping from the window. Everyone was unhappy with the absence of children.

Kairav got an idea, went outside, stood there with a note with all their mistakes, and requested to burn this note with Ravan. Kairav tells that he will never put her in trouble and started moving back home slowly.

Episode end

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