Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 4 November : Rubina wants to teach Roshni and her family a lesson

At the beginning of the episode, Rehan notices that Aman is left inside the glass.  Rehaan also puts his hand in the mirror, but Shayari grabs his hand, and then everyone helps Shayari and saves Rehan.  Daadi says where Aman is, Rehan says he is not here, and he should look into the mirror.  But the glass disappears, and then Aman sends a letter to them, in which it is written that he is sending Ilme Jin for the help of Roshni.

Shayari asks Ilme Jin how to fix Roshni.  Ilme Jin explains that Roshni can be saved from the rainbow.  Grandma says if there is no rain, then how will rainbow come.  Rehan makes magic rain, but a rainbow does not form due to a lack of sunlight.Rehan says that only Roshni can control the light of the sun because she is Ayana.  Grandma suggests Armaan’s name because he also has the power of Roshni.  And Armaan brings sun with the help of Ayana powers.  Rainbow is formed, and Roshni becomes alive.  Roshni hugs the family.

Rubina realizes that Roshni has escaped from her death again.  Rubina gets angry and thinks about teaching Roshni and her family a lesson.  Roshni asks the family about Aman.  Rehan tells her that Aman is not here.  Roshni asks where he is?   Rehan tells her that Aman is in the world of Keeper Jin because when he went to save Roshni, he got stuck there and sent the book.

Roshni goes to the mirror and scolds Aman because he first put her life in danger and then gets caught in the mirror himself.  Roshni says that it is acceptable that get caught in the mirror as now, at least he can’t harm himself in the least.

Further, Roshni scolds Rehan and Shayari and says that she wanted to spend good moments till the golden sun day come, but they spoiled it all.  Shayari and Rehan apologize to Roshni.  Roshni says that these two brothers are alike but what happened to you, Shayari.  Shayari says that she made a mistake and apologizes and says but what they need to do now.

Roshni says nothing because now they only see what will happens next.  Shayari and Rehan say fine.  Roshni tells them to swear on Armaan.  Shayari does what Roshni asks for.  Rehan is also going to do this, but he notices an animal and kills him.

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