Shaadi Mubarak 4 November : Preeti’s in-laws support her

At the beginning of the episode, Neelima thinks that KT loves the festival of Diwali, but today he is very depressed while KT believes that he cannot lose Preeti. Only then he get a message that makes him happy. And he hugs Neelima. He gives a break and money to his workers and asks them to enjoy the Diwali festival with their family. While on the other side, Preeti calls her mother-in-law to meet her, and they come to meet Preeti.

Rati tells this thing to Tarun, and he is surprised and wondering why Preeti called her in-laws. Preeti tells her mother-in-law that Tarun took advantage of Priyanka to defeat her, and she cannot forgive him and can’t to his house. Tarun comes there and curses Preeti. After hearing dirty words from Tarun, Bhua gets angry and slaps him. Bhua asks Tarun if he is not ashamed while talking like this to his mother. She tells Tarun that Preeti is not wrong, but he is very wrong. She accepts Preeti’s work and says that Preeti has fought for her self-respect and has won, and now she can do whatever she wants and live wherever she wants. Fufaji also agrees.

Then KT comes there with Dholbaje and dances with Kusum. Preeti asks him the reason for all this. KT tells Preeti that he is celebrating her victory. Preeti says, but she has lost. KT asks all of them to take out their phone and see how Preeti has become famous after supporting the truth. Everyone sees on the phone that Preeti is trending on social media. Rati and Tarun are shocked to see this and get angry. Bhua and Fufaji feel proud of Preeti and say that even Tarun’s father has not earned this much name.

Preeti opens the saree’s last knot and tells Tarun that she will never forget this saree as this saree has brought her to her destination. Tarun and Rati go away from there after getting depressed. And Bhua gives Preeti an advance to organize her 50th anniversary, but Preeti refuses to take the money. Bhua gives her money forcefully and says that she will have to take the money because she has done a lot of free work. Now it is her turn to earn. Preeti takes Bhua’s blessings, and KT also asks for Bhua’s blessings. Bhua blesses them.

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