Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with the Poddar preparing Rohit for his wedding cheerfully while then again, the Goenka’s prepared Ruhi.

Meanwhile, Rohit communicates his anxiety for Armaan who hasn’t as yet come, making Vidya give his telephone to Kiara.

Before long, Rohit prepares while then again, Swarna and Surekha get profound seeing Ruhi.

Nonetheless, Manish asks the pair not to get profound as they’re having an opportunity to give vidaai to the third era.

Manish conceals his sentiments by expressing that he was trusting that Ruhi will go so he could change over her room into his review.

All of a sudden, Ruhi comes to Manish and embraces him, causing Manish to get sad as Ruhi goes out.

She expresses that she’ll come to the Goenka’s even in the wake of being the Poddar’s little girl in-regulation.

At the House, Dadisa requests that Rohit leave Armaan’s finger and begin getting things done without help from anyone else.

Dadisa then, at that point, does Rohit’s aarti after which the family prepares for Rohit’s fantastic section as a man of the hour.

At the emergency clinic, Abhira rehearses LOA for Akshara to be fine and Armaan sees it unfortunately.

In the interim, Ruhi and Rohit’s wedding festivities start energetically and in the midst of this, Rohit calls Armaan fretfully.

At the clinic, Armaan gets the call, causing Rohit to ask Armaan when is he coming.

Armaan states that he can’t come as he is occupied and requests that he guarantee him that he’ll keep Ruhi cheerful when Rohit vows to do as such.

Out of nowhere, as Akshara’s wellbeing turns basic, Abhira shouts out for the specialist, making the specialist come in and beware of her.

Akshara states that she doesn’t have a lot of chance to live, making the specialist express that Akshara’s condition is deteriorating as time passes.

Abhira asks the specialist to save Akshara while Akshara calls Armaan and Abhira to let them know something.

Akshara then takes Abhira and Armaan’s palms and puts them on one another’s further, requesting that Armaan save Abhira’s life by wedding her.

Armaan gets helped to remember his guarantee to Ruhi of remaining single always while Abhira lets Akshara know that her marriage with Armaan is incomprehensible.

In any case, Akshara states that Armaan will safeguard her, making Abhira express that she needn’t bother with anyone’s security as she maintains that Akshara should accompany her.

Akshara advises Armaan to choose concerning getting hitched to Abhira, making Armaan express that he can be Abhira’s companion and will uphold her to be a decent legal counselor.

Hearing this, Akshara requests that Armaan ensure the trash contemplations about individuals when they see him and Abhira together, expressing that marriage is the best way to get Abhira’s poise.

Armaan gets hushed while Akshara demands Armaan to wed Abhira as it is her last wish, making Armaan and a sad Abhira take a gander at one another.