Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Savi trusts that Virat and Vinayak will come to her home. She grasps the plate of pani puri and gets enticed to eat it. She ponders having some of it while sitting tight for Virat and Vinayak. In the mean time, around then they arrives at there and Savi gets happy after seeing them. She meets them energetically while Vinayak and Virat likewise becomes pleased. Virat inquiries concerning pani puri in Savi’s grasp, to which she answers that Sai and Usha have arranged it and they will eat it together.

Here, Savi takes Virat and Vinayak inside the house and they all gets situated together. Everybody gets their plate of Pani puri, while Savi and Vinayak demands to have an in the middle between them. They ends up being invigorated and demands Sai and Virat to go along with them. In the mean time, the two of them takes a gander at one another and consents to the youngster’s solicitation.

Savi alongside Sai, Virat and Vinayak begins having the pani puri while Usha turns into the adjudicator. Sai stops as she feels it to be zesty while Savi ridicules her mom. Virat announces to complete the food before any other person, while Sai and Virat reviews their previous second. They takes a gander at each other and gets blazes of when Sai took him to the fair.

Somewhere else, Sai was near Virat as they went to the fair. They goes towards the pani puri slow down and the last option chooses to have a contest with Virat. She request that the seller continue to serve them till one wins the opposition. They begins eating while Virat feels fiery. Sai ridicules him and afterward helps him when he begins hacking. She passes him the water, while he carries her nearer to him.

Sai gets Virat’s untruth and states that he ought to go after acting. He carries her nearer to himself and becomes heartfelt, while she pushes him back and they gets to know each other. Sai and Virat escapes their flashback and gazes at each other. In the interim, Virat completes the pani puri before any other person and wins the opposition, as Usha reports him to be the victor.

Ahead, Pakhi continues to ponder Virat and Vinayak. She becomes stressed reviewing Virat and Sai being together and contemplates arriving at there straightaway. She gets enraged by the gathering and attempts to complete it soon. She overlooks to peruse the agreement and lets Mohit know that all is great and consents to put resources into it. The last option gets stunned by her way of behaving and attempts to counsel her however she gets irate and fixes the arrangement.

Pakhi calls Vinayak and shows her anxiety while he guarantees that they have previously eaten. She gets stunned while he tells about playing around with Savi and Sai. In the interim, Virat and Sai assists the children with finishing their task and everything gets finished. While, Savi begins feeling sick and Virat cares for her. She lies on his arms and retches. She is sorry to him while he ask her not to stress and becomes worried for her.

Further, Virat attempts to cheer Savi while Bhavani and other relatives sits tight for him to return. They gets strained while Bhavani says that she is frustrated with his way of behaving as he haven’t educated about his whereabouts. She contrasts Virat and Pakhi and tells that the last option have proactively informed about her whereabouts. She shows her annoyance towards Virat while Ashwini and Ninad takes a gander at each other.

Precap: Sai takes care of the children while Virat additionally lays down with them. She was going to leave the room when Virat holds her saree and stops her. She ask that what’s going on with he? To which he answers that she is just his genuine romance. He says that the two of them needs to be together while she gazes at him. In the interim, Pakhi and Mohit gets inside Chavans house and questions Ashwini about Virat and Vinayak. The last option answers that they haven’t returned. Pakhi gets strained and races to Sai’s home. She gets inside her home powerfully and get some information about Virat. In the mean time, she gets stunned seeing him without his shirt.

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