Anupama 4th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Ankush tells Anuj that US office work is expanding and that is the reason he was remembering to visit there and meet the new staff. Anuj says great idea. Ankush inquires as to whether you would rather not return, as you remained there since your experience growing up. Anuj tells that when I hadn’t arrived, I would have rather not come here, and tells that since I came here, met Anu, and she experienced passionate feelings for me, I never considered return. He thinks back their minutes… .goodness Anupama plays… ..He says when business was in America, the matter was unique. He says when I came here, and wedded her. He says my business is spread unfathomably here, so I moved the head quarters here. Ankush says Anupama is lakshmi. Anuj says everybody is here, my affection and family… and even all of you, so what I will do by going there. He says I believe my advanced age should enjoy with Anu and tells that once Choti grows up and gets hitched, we will be sitting adrift side confronting gallery and will be telling how was those days. He says he needs to live tranquil existence with Anupama.

Anupama comes there. Ankush prods them and goes. Anuj asks what was the deal? Anupama embraces Anuj. Anuj asks what occurred, and says this is office. She says she is spouse all over and tells that it is her right. He asks what has occurred? Anupama says there isn’t anything. She says you sentiment at whatever point you need, and says I needed to embrace and that is the reason embraced you.

Anuj requests that she embrace him appropriately. Anupama embraces him. Anuj tells that Bhai and he was looking at visiting US to meet the new staff in the new office. He gets call from Elen and lets him know that they could visit soon and will impart the subtleties to him.

Kavya comes to Vanraj. Vanraj asks do you want anything and asks will I bring organic products for you. He gets up to go. Kavya lets him know that he deals with her, however don’t converse with her well. She requests that he share his concern with her. He says I have no issue, and says I have returned back after numerous days, and need to deal with everybody, and need to get Titu far from Dimpy. Kavya says you deal with everybody, except not me and my child. Vanraj says Dimpy is distant from everyone else and is having my’s child. He says she is having Shah’s child and you don’t have Shah’s child. He says he suspected as much in the Recovery and understood that he can’t acknowledge it. He asks her not to drive child on her.

Pakhi is blissful and envisions herself having the child. She sees Choti and calls her. She says Specialist said that I will become a mother. Choti gets blissful. Pakhi says everybody will fail to remember you when my child comes. Choti says you are senior than me and will not tell things like this, and says Mummy vowed not to leave me. She goes.

Anupama serves food to Anuj and says it is the approach to communicating adoration to her better half. Anuj tells that it is the most secure method of sentiment in the CCTV office. Anuj tastes the food and requests that she cause him to have food with her hand. He says you used to charm me, when I used to sit on my seat. Anupama asks when did I do this? Their flashback is shown. Anupama says I will cause you to have it. She causes him to have food. He says we will open a café and tells about her prior plan. Anupama says we will open it and says those ladies will get the personality. Anuj says we will design something for you.

Vanraj carries tea and provides for Baa, babu ji and Dimpy. All of a sudden he sees Titu’s approach her telephone. Dimpy says he could have called for accounts work. Titu says I’m requiring a reason and figures Vanraj may be near. Kavya comes there and sits. Vanraj tells Babu ji that the tea is great. Babu ji jokes that it is rinse water. Vanraj requests that Babu ji come to clinic with him. Babu ji rejects. Kavya gets up and says she really wants to converse with them.

Romil is gathering his sacks. Anupama comes there and says he will help him. She saves coat for him. He says I will pack then, at that point, stuff and says you should be worn out. She says no. He gets close to home and embraces her. He says when I came here, I was furious and presently I have tears in my eyes. Anupama requests that he go cheerfully, when he goes from here as he needed to concentrate on in this school. He says I wish my Mother would have been like you. Anupama says might be you misconstrued her like you misread us. She requests that he take pack and not the additional stuff and pardon everybody. Romil says he will call Mother prior to leaving. Anupama says great. All of a sudden Worker comes there and says somebody came to meet Romil. Romil’s companion comes there. Anupama and Romil checks her out.

Precap: Kavya tells Anupama that Vanraj has changed and he believes should do everything all alone. Anupama says he is in responsibility, for not dealing with the family when they required him. Later a woman accompanies her girl and grumbles about Choti.

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