Pandya Store 4th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Dhawal addressing Amresh when he answers that it was bound to occur while Dhawal states that he was supporting incorrectly things.

He grins, saying that those ruffians were likewise sent by Amresh which implies that he has upheld Bansi bhai and made Natasha sign on the papers in a hurry so she can’t understand it.

Dhawal applauds him, appreciating his ground breaking strategy while Amresh at long last, acknowledges that he did everything, placing Dhawal in shock.

In the mean time, Dhawal cries that he ought to have lied in any event, he could not have possibly been deceived by Amresh yet Amba requests that he think prior to talking.

In any case, he answers that he generally paid attention to Amresh while Amresh asks him how Natasha’s beginning and end is right today and Amresh’s point is off-base.

Amresh asks him how could he inquiry that he double-crossed him as the fact of the matter was generally before him and his wedding with Natasha occurred exclusively for the store.

Further, Dhawal says that now he is understanding things and lets everybody know that Natasha’s spirit dwells in Pandya’s store.

He inquires as to whether something had happened to Suman today, who might have assumed the liability.

Then again, Suman and her grandsons keep all the stuff of the store in a room and review Gautam and Dhara.

In the mean time, Amresh insults Dhawal thinking for Natasha’s family however not for his own, asking him how wrong they treated Natasha as in the wake of returning home, she guaranteed that she would move the store in their name after Suman recovers.

Amresh requests that Bhavin show the Succeed sheet of advances that they have, requesting that Dhawal think normally and settle on functional choices.

Dhawal says that he thinks from the heart and that Natasha is a preferable trade understudy over him so they would have taken her recommendation prior to doing anything.

Meanwhile, Suman sees the photograph of her children and girls in-regulation, saying that everything has finished and she is feeling humiliated as she requests that they pardon Natasha.

Then again, Amresh causes Dhawal to understand that he has done a ton to give solace and extravagance to his family and he couldn’t care less assuming the world thinks him wrong.

From that point forward, Dhawal says that Amresh has consistently gone about as a dad yet this time he is off-base and he upholds Natasha.

Amresh lashes out and goes from that point while Amba slaps Dhawal and requests that he review the battle that Amresh has looked to simply give an agreeable life to them.

Amba cries and requests that Dhawal have some disgrace while Dhawal sits on the couch and reviews the amount Natasha was in distress.

Dhawal gets befuddled and can’t comprehend to whom he ought to pick either Natasha and Amresh.

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