Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 November 2020 Written Update: Naira’s uphill battle

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik tells Naira to go and convince Naksh, and he will try to convince Kirti. Kartik requested Naira to leave Akshara with him. he will take care of her. Kartik wishes the best of luck to her. Krish was confused and where he should call Aditya. Suddenly Kairav got an idea and told Krish that he would meet him in the temple. Vansh and Kairav went to Dadi and requested her to take all of them to the temple.

Naira was leaving, suddenly Gayu asked where she is going. Then Naira said she is going for some work. All of them reached the temple with Swarna and Dadi. Dadi instructed them to stay there only not to go anywhere and not to eat anything from outside. All the children mutual prayed for Naksh and Kirti.

Kartik was tried to convince Kirti, but she clearly said that everything is over. And there Niara was trying to convince Naksh by saying that it takes very much time to come out of a relationship. Kartik tells Kirti that she should think twice before taking any decision. Kirti says that she will never get the peace of her Husband as it’s not written in her fate.Aditya reached there and thought in his mind that today he would not lose any chance of taking advantage of the situation. Dadi was praying in the temple with closed eyes. Except for Krishna, all three of them escaped from there.

Krish, meet Aditya and requested him to solve the problem and get out of between their parents. Aditya asked them whether they know who is he and what relationship he has with Kirti. Aditya requested them to come with him to his home, and there we will find an Idea for this. Vansh denied going with them because Dadi will scold them for this. Krishnan prays to God that everything gets settled soon, and they come back.

Naira was continuously insisting Naksh not to take any step, Which will harm Krish’s future. Naksh came into anger and told Naira that he won’t have trust in Kirti, so there are not points in continuing the relationship anymore.Aditya tells them that he will show something to them, which will prove that he has a great bond with Krish. Naira tells Naksh that she is not with her in this decision and does not help him anymore. Naira gets off from there.

Aditya gets success in convincing Krish to go with her, but Kairav was not allowing them to go anywhere. Kartik video calls Niara and said to her that by seeing her face, he did not think that she has any good news. Naira said that she tried her best and hurt Naksh to make him understand but she couldn’t.

Episode end.

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