Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6 November 2020 Written Update : Natasha’s game over

At the beginning of the episode, Rani Marakab is coming towards Roshni, seeing that Roshni gets nervous and asks Grandma to throw at her Ilmezin quickly and Dadi does the same. Rani Marakab sets foot on Imagine and starts turn towards Natasha as the order turns upside down due to glass Ilmagin’s effect.

Natasha tells Hamalar to go to Junaid Haveli so that she can find out what is happening there. Then Marakab comes to Natasha and finishes her. Natasha’s hamalar also ends up in front of Roshni and others, and Shayari tells them the reason for this.Rubina thinks that even Natasha is not with her now and she feels that Roshni, Rehan and Shayari will soon get Aman freed too, so she will have to do something soon so that Roshni, Rehan and Shayari’s plan does not succeed.

On the other hand, Rehan tries to send Ilmezin back to the mirror, but that book does not go inside. Then they decided to goes to the library and thought of freed Aman in exchange for Ilmezin. But Rubina disappears the mirror before approaching they can approach the mirror. Roshni, Rehan and Shayri try to find the mirror. While Rubina thinks that very soon mirror will disappear and Aman will end.

But Rehan finds another mirror and Roshni sends Ilmejin in that mirror. But Aman still does not take the exit from the mirror. Mirror tells Roshni that Aman is insecure in Rubina’s hands. Roshni goes towards Rubina and challenges her that she will end her on golden sun day. Rubina says that no matter what Roshni says, she has seen that the place of Roshni is in the grave and no one can change this fact because what happens, in the end, is what is written in luck.

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