Anupamma 6 November 2020 Written Update : Vanraj wants to break Anupama’s courage

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama asks Jhilmil to take care of the housework and goes to Samar’s room herself and finds that Samar has adjusted his room for her. Samar tells her that she came ahead of time. Anupama says that because she knows the consequences of delayed arrival. Samar gives Anupama her Gungru, which he has brought from his Nani’s house.

Anupama feels happy to see Ghungru and remembers her father as he had given her Ghungru as a gift. Samar asks her to start dancing. While Vanraj is upset due to not getting his socks. Kavya calls him and asks him to get ready fast because they have a crucial meeting in which they cannot be late. Vanraj ignores Kavya and disconnects the phone.

He goes towards Anupama, the same time Anupama is dancing. Vanraj angrily comes to Samar’s room, and Vanraj asks Samar to leave the room. Samar does not listen to him. Vanraj gets angry, and Anupama tells Samar to go out. Samar starts going out. Vanraj says that when he was telling Samar, why did he not listen to him. Samar says because he was ignoring his words. And saying that, he goes away from there.

While Vanraj scolds Anupama and asks where her socks are, Anupama give him his socks. And at the same time, she tells Vanraj that from now on don’t interrupt her in the midst of her work. Vanraj gets angry, and he breaks her knuckles and says that she will dance but only at his gestures. Vanraj leaves from there.

Anupama cries after seeing the broken Ghunghru. Later, Vanraj is going to the office. Leela asks him why he is going without Tiffin. Vanraj says that he is getting late, therefore. Leela says that Anupama must have done something. Jayesh tells Leela not to speak anything between the two pairs.Further, Anupama tries to teach the children to dance, but the children are unable to keep pace with her and leave the class. Anupama’s courage breaks, but Samar does not let her courage break and assures her that she will achieve success very soon.

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