Shaadi Mubarak 6 November 2020 Written Update : Rati wants to defame Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Bhua tries to convince Baldev that Preeti will work very well and she has full faith in Preeti. Preeti says that she will never let her faith break. Preeti then gives her another surprise. In which she makes a path of flowers for Bhua and Phufaji.KT sees Preeti faltering and takes care of her while Baldev gets angry after seeing this and Baldev is about to beat him, but Preeti stops him and tells him that KT is his partner. Baldev asks KT that then why he came as a drummer when he is a partner of Preeti. KT tells that Preeti thought that he would not be able to adjust here, so he came as a drummer to surprise Preeti.

Baldev does not like his logic. He asks him to tell him the meaning of surprise. Baldev’s wife says that surprise is what he gave her on Teej. Baldev says that he is her husband, so he has the right to give surprise to her, but how can KT give surprise when KT is an accomplished man. Hs adds KT is a very young man and one the top of that the women are already mad after him, so he doubts their partnership.

Preeti says that they only share a partnership relationship and anyway KT has a wife whom he loves a lot. Bhua also agrees with Preeti and says that Preeti is telling the truth that KT and she is an only partner and nothing else. KT thinks that Preeti does not know that his wife is not with him and that he should tell the truth to Preeti.

Further, Kusum asks Bhua why she called Tarun and Rati here. Bhuya says so that they can know how much we villagers gave Preeti is respect. Later, KT and Preeti are going together for work. Baldev forbids KT to stay with Preeti. Preeti agrees with Baldev and tells KT to stay away from her and says that they will talk on the phone. Preeti explains to KT that this is her in-law’s house and that no one will understand KT’s open thoughts here, so it is better for them to stay away from each other. Rati wants to take advantage of the situation of Preeti and KT and thinks of defaming Preeti.

Preeti gives yellow-coloured readymade sarees to everyone for turmeric function, which is comfortable to wear. Everyone thanks Preeti for making their work easy. Kusum teaches everyone how to wear readymade sarees. There is a conversation between Baldev and KT, in which KT tells Baldev’s thinking wrong. But Baldev is firm on his point and says that KT does not know the customs of the village and is, therefore, he is doing such things.

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