Barrister babu 5 November 2020 written update : Mini’s truth revealed

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita says that if Anirudh believes that she is blind, then she will accept it but will not let Mini swear on him falsely. Anirudh tells Mini that Bondita is very naive, so she is misunderstood, but he will make her understand. He asks her to leave from here. Mini goes from there and thinks that she has finally made Anirudh a fool. She laughs and leaves.

On the other hand, Sourav brings food for Suraiya and Ramiya. They talk to Saurav happily while Sampurana arrives there and she notices that they are creaking jokes and sharing a good bond and gets irritated and cuts off Saurav and their conversation. Sourav asks Sampurna when and why she came here. Sampoorna replies that she has come to help him and will stay here with him from now on. Next, Sampurna asks Sourav when they are going to meet Bondita. Saurav tells her that Trilochan is still angry at him, so they will go to meet Bondita later when Trilochan’s resentment ends.

There, Bondita cries in front of Bihari and expresses her grief over Trilochan. Bihari asks her not to cry and tries to make her laugh in which he succeeds and Bondita laughs and giggles. Bihari tells her that now that she has returned, all will be well and Mini’s evil eyes will also be away from their house. Bihari tells Bondita that Mini is wrong, and when she was not here, she took advantage of Anirudh’s feelings and forcefully engaged with him. Bondita confidently says that Mother Durga will help Anirudh and brings Mini’s real face to Anirudh.

Mini goes to Trilochan and deliberately pours water into his eyes so that he suffers. Mini tells Trilochan that God kept his mouth shut because God also wants her to become Anirudh’s wife. She reveals that she is the one who has done this condition of Trilochan because she did not want her truth to be revealed to Anirudh. She promises Trilochan that she will marry Anirudh, and then he will not be able to get her out of the house even though he wants to.

Bondita makes Rangoli on the occasion of Diwali. Bihari brings Trilochan there, and Bondita asks Trilochan if she is making good rangoli. Bondita decides that she will try until Trilochan starts speaking. There, Anirudh sees Mini with the help of binoculars and gets to know that Mini is lighting lamps and can even see things. He feels sad to know this.
Further, Anirudh sees Mini dancing in joy and gets very angry. Anirudh angrily expresses his disappointment towards Mini. Anirudh says that Mini has not only betrayed him and Bondita, but she has betrayed the entire woman caste, for which he will take revenge. And will reveal the truth of Mini to everyone.

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