Shakti 5 November 2020 Written Update : Parmeet is ready to make a sargi for Heer

At the beginning of the episode, Parmeet tells Heer that as she is tied to an incomplete marriage, then how can she complete the ritual. Virat disagrees with Parmeet. Sant interrupts Virat and says that Parmeet’s decision is right. He should also agree with her. Parmeet says if Virat had already rejected Preeto’s condition, then Heer would not have had to endure all this. Parmeet leaves saying that while Virat tells Heer that he will handle Parmeet. Gurminder consoles Heer.

Heer takes the phone from Gurminder and calls Preeto and curses her, and taunts her that only because of her condition, her mother-in-law has refused to make sargi for her. Parmeet is listening to their talk and is happy to see a fight between them and says that she enjoys seeing this condition of Heer. While Preeto tries to make, Heer understands that she can open her fast with full custom after fulfilled requirements. Heer pricks Preeto and tells her that she wants to disconnect the phone, saying that she doesn’t want to talk to her. Heer is going to Parmeet after keeping the phone. While Virat is asking Parmeet that she should make sargi for Heer.

Then Heer comes there and tells Virat that she wants to talk to Parmeet in private. Parmeet asks her what she wants to talk to her. Heer says that if she did not make a sargi for her, then she would not fast for Virat, and she does not think that as a mother, she would want something like this. Parmeet calls Gurminder and orders her to video call Preeto. Gurminder does as she says. Preeto picks up the phone and asks Parmeet what the matter is. Parmeet bets in front of Preeto that if Heer shoots herself, she will make a sargi for her. Preeto and Harak tell Heer not to do so. But Heer does not listen to them and triggers the gun, but the gun does not fire at her because it does not contain bullets. Parmeet smiles upon seeing Heer and says that she had already removed the bullet from the gun. She adds that she will now make a sargi for Heer and leave from there.

Preeto says that before Parmeet kills Heer, she will go to Virat and tell him everything. Harak prevents her from doing so. Shano is happy to see all this and says that Parmeet is more mad than Preeto because Preeto has never done this to Soumya, as Parmeet did. Next, Parmeet tells Virat and everyone that she will make sargi for Heer. Parmeet puts stones in Heer’s sargi, and when Heer eats it, she gets shocked. Virat demands to eat Heer’s sargi, but since it contains stones, Heer does not allow Virat to eat. Further, Heer tells Parmeet that she had made the sargi very tasty and that about the stones, she wants to say one thing: Preeto has added stones to her life, so she does not consider Parmeet guilty at all.

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