Ishq Mein Marjawan2 5 November 2020 Written Update : Anupriya reveals the truth of Ragini’s incident

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima tells Ragini that she no longer needs to worry as she is safe with her. Whereas Kabir thinks that Riddhima has not saved Ragini from trouble but has put her in danger. There, Vansh is very angry, and he throws the things lying there, then Angre comes there and stops Vansh. Angre calls the nurse and asks her how it all happened. The nurse says that someone attacked her due to which she fainted. Vansh shouts and asks who can do this, and then he remembers Riddhima, and he calls Ishani and asks about Riddhima. Ishani tells him that Riddhima is sleeping. Vansh asks her if she has seen Riddhima sleeping with her own eyes. He hangs up the phone in anger. He removes the gun and says that he knows who has done it.

Riddhima tells Kabir that they have won today, and now he has to promise her that he will take care of Ragini. Kabir promises her. And thinks in mind that today only he has won and Riddhima and Vansh have become stupid. Kabir takes Ragini from there and informs Anupriya that Ragini is in his possession and now he will do to her what she deserves. Anupriya is happy to find this GoodNews and then disconnects the phone. Next, Riddhima reaches the house and sees that the Vansh has also arrived and she hides from him.

Riddhima notices that Vansh has gone towards the room and she thinks that she has to reach the room before Vansh. There, Ishani is about to enter Riddhima’s room, but Anupriya stops her. Then Vansh comes and asks them what they are doing next to his room. Anupriya gets scared after seeing Vansh and thinks how she will save Riddhima now. Vansh tells them to move away from his room, and himself enters inside the room. He sees that Riddhima is not inside the room and he gets angry, but only then Riddhima comes out of the bathroom, and he takes Riddhima to the tomb dragging her with anger. Riddhima thinks that maybe today is her last day. Vansh pushes her into the tomb but then escapes also. And tells her the whole story of how Ragini betrayed him and she was about to say to him about her mother’s killer, but someone shot her.

Riddhima understands that her thinking about Vansh is all wrong as he is not that bad. There, Anupriya tells Kabir that she attacked Ragini because she was going to tell Vansh, who is the murderer of her mother. She says that Ragini considered herself very smart and wanted to keep her locked in her hand, but she turned the dice and ended Ragini’s game.

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