Kundli bhagya 6 November 2020 Written Update : Mahira took entry in Luthra House

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta’s Mangalasutra gets stuck in Karan’s shirt, and she tries to get out of it, and her Magalasutra breaks, along with a wind gust her sindoor’s box falls too. Karan says that he will send someone to clean it. Preeta denies this and says that she will clean herself. Sherlyn’s mother asks her if she is listening to her. Sherlyn says yes, she is listening, but she wants to ask Panditji a question. Sherlyn’s mother says okay, she will give the phone to panditji, and she gives the phone to Panditji. Sherlyn asks him that she accidentally falls Kumkum thali, and she wants to know if this a bad onam? Pandit Ji says that God wants to indicate to her that the person going to take entry into their house is a bad spirit who will mess everything up and especially bring a storm in her life, so she needs to be careful. Sherlyn disconnects the phone after hearing this. Sherlyn believes that Mahira is inauspicious, but she will make Preeta’s life a hell, which makes no difference to her, and she hates Preeta so much that she will tolerate all this.

Rakhi convinces Kareena and Dadi not to listen to Mahira. Kritika also agrees with Rakhi’s decision. Kareena says that Mahira is upset right now, so if they fulfill her small demand, there will not be much trouble. Karan comes there and asks them what they are talking about. Kareena tells him the whole thing. Karan says that this is wrong, and they should disobey Mahira in it, and if they still want to do it, then sorry, as he will not support them in this work. Karan leaves from there. Kareena and others perform the rituals of Mahira’s home entrance. Mahira asks Preeta to bring her luggage to her room. Preeta throws her luggage in her room and starts leaving. Mahira asks her where she is going? Preeta says, mind your own business. Ahead, Mahira reminds Preeta one thing in which she tells her that she had told Preeta that she would take away her happiness from Preeta, and she did so. Preeta is surprised to hear her.

Preeta realizes that Mahira was doing drama all the time. Preeta is scolding Mahira for this only when Karan comes there. Mahira turns around the table and pretends to be sick in front of Karan, and to get his sympathy; she says that Preeta is using harsh on her and asks her to leave the house. Karan says that he had explained to Preeta that Mahira’s condition is terrible and then why she uses bad words about her. Mahira interrupts Karan while Karan stops her and says that he is talking to Preeta, so she needs to stay silent. Mahira gets upset seeing their closeness and pretends to be unconscious. Karan handles her and tells Preeta to leave Mahira’s room. Preeta’s eyes become moist, and Karan apologizes to her. Preeta tries to make him understand that Mahira’s intentions are not right.

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