Qurbaan Hua 6 November 2020 Written Update : Parmukh is planning something big

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat requested Neel to tell him about Karwa Chauth as she said she only knows that massive discounts are available for shopping. Neel tells her that this fasting is done for their husband’s long life. Chahat says she can not keep this fasting for you. Neel says she can benefit from keeping this fasting, and then Neel asks what husbands do in return for this. Neel says nothing. Chahat says that her religion is perfect as it keeps the terms and conditions equal for both men and women.

Chahat gets to know that Naveli is also keeping this fast. Godhmbari advised Chahat to eat before the sunrise. Godhmbari gave a saree kit to Chahat in the name of Vyas Ji.

Neel went to Vyas Ji and indirectly requested to share anything he was willing to say but did not share. Sudden Jamunaparshad came with a document, then Neel decided to go to the Ashram first and cancel the registration, then he will talk to Vyas Ji about this.

Gazala came to an Ashram and told the manager that we found Dr. Biagh on the street and gave him some money to him as a donation. The manager said he would keep him properly and fulfill his needs.

Chahat came with breakfast for Vyas Ji and also asked Jamunaparshad for breakfast, but he denied as he has kept fasting. Vyas Ji said Jamunaparshad does not keep any fasting as his health is not that much good. Vyas Ji told Chahat that he has also kept fasting because he can’t eat anything seeing Chahat not eating for a full day. Chahat gets emotional and decided to keep the fast.

Neel went to the Ashram and told him to cancel Vyas Ji registration and told the manager that if he needs any financial support, he would love to do so. The manager told him about the older men and requested him to bear his medication fee. The manager went to bring Dr. Biagh to meet Neel. When Gazala and Dr. Biagh came and saw Neel standing in front gets little shocked, and Gazala tries to escape, but Dr. Biagh grasped the chair’s wheels and was not allowing her to make any moment. Suddenly Neel received a text from Chahat, and he left from there by saying he meets the old man next time when he will come.

Naveli called Parmukh and ask him to come home before the moon arises Parmukh scolded her and told her not to keep any fasting and eat secretly.

Chahat muffled and dropped her books on the floor Chahat was picking up the books suddenly Vyas Ji came to help her and saw Naveli eating sitting inside her room. Vyas Ji scolded her and went off from there. Naveli blames Chahat for intentionally dropping the books over there and trap me. Godhmbari thought for a while and then ruin’s Naveli makeup by rubbing with her hand.

Chahat was getting stomach cramps because of hunger. Neel told her to go and eat, but she denied it. Chahat says she was not mentally prepared for this. Chahat thought of going to her room and tightly tie her stomach. Chahat feels weird about her idea.

Parmukh made a deal of 12 crores, sold an old monument, and ordered someone to duplicate it. Godambhari came downstairs and acted like some strange soul has entered Naveli’s body. Vyas Ji came and scolded Godhmbari and said it is all about the loophole in her values and ethics.

Parmukh thought of going home and inform that Chahat is not the same girl from whom Neel was willing to marry. The insurance company called Gazala and gave her a deadline to submit Chahat’s dead certificate to claim the amount. Gazala ensures that she will not let this money go like this she can kill Chahat also for this.

Episode end.

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