Yeh Hain Chahtein 5 November 2020 Written Update : Preesha revives Neerja

At the beginning of the episode, Rudraksh went near the lab, but the security did not allow him to enter the lab without an Id card. Rudraksh went off from there and stood at someplace, thinking about how to go get in. Suddenly he noticed lots of id cards were at the table in a room. Preesha arrived at the hospital Rahul insisted her to save her. The doctor prohibited entering the room, but she said she itself a doctor, and Neerja was previously her patient. Preesha tried to handle her, but Neerja took her last breath and became mute. Rahul screamed outside the room. Preesha was shocked. Yuvraj felt happy. Preesha requested the shocker and started trying to bring her back. Suddenly Neerja regains her breath.

Ahana and Mishka examined the CCTV footage and got shocked at seeing the last person who meets Kirti. Rudraksh wore a doctor kit and managed to enter the lab. He found the samples and was trying to misplace, but someone came and started asking him what he is trying to do. Rudraksh said to him that the police wants the urgent report of the Khurana family. The doctor tells him that they are already prepared and hand him over by saying that Preesha is not Saransh mother. Rudraksh gets confused and asked her again, then he explained to him in detail.

Rahul joined his hand in front of Preesha and said to her that she is pure soul. Preesha went off from saying that she will forgive her when he will forgive himself and went off from there. Rudraksh was confused and thought of first saving Shardha by tearing the report and disposing of her sample. Suddenly the other doctor came and asked him about his identity, but he ran from there. Preesha reached the hospital, and she gets a call from Shardha from her. She gets to know that Rudraksh has gone to stop you.

Kirti’s father tells the police to arrest the culprits as soon as possible. Police tell that it’s not possible to arrest them without a report. Police received a call from the hospital that reports are ready. Rudraksh hid in a room and tore tye report and thought of disposing of it. Rudraksh noticed Preesha and pulled her inside the room and, acknowledged her about the situation. Preesha said to him that she would also go with her.

Episode end

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