Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 November 2020 Written Update: The Goenkas celebrates Dussehra

At the beginning of the episode, Kairav’s friends came home and noticed Krishna and started teasing her by saying, roadside girl. Suddenly Kairav with his brothers came there, wiped out Krishna’s tears, scolded them for teasing Krishna, and told them to leave. Kairav says sorry to Krishna for her past mistakes. Krishna hugged Kairav. Naira and Kartik feel happy seeing this and tells us that we won.

Dadi tells Manish that she is feeling upset and having no mood to celebrate Dusshera. Suddenly all the children came and surprised Dadi by sprinkling flowers petals on her. Kartik acknowledged everyone how Kairav took a stand for Krishna. The celebration begins, and a confused raised who will burn Ravan. Naira told everyone that they would mutually burn the Ravan.

All the members celebrated together and rejoiced together. Naira asked everyone to burn their note by taking a pledge that they will not repeat the mistakes. Kartik tells that only one day is not enough to burn all the negativity from our body. Naira said that now only the divorce problem is left to get the fix.Kirti and Naksh went to a corner, and Naksh tells Ktellsto fast up the process and ends everything soon. Naira and Kartik heard this and get shocked. Kartik gives hope to Naira that soon something will happen.

Naira saw Manish was upset and standing at the window. Naira went to him and asked her about sadness. Manish says nowadays people have become egoistic and selfish about their happiness. Naira tries to calm down him and says that she will fix everything. Manish requests Naira to fix everything soon.

The children noticed Krish and upset. They tried to make happy, but it did not work. Krish, ask them about Aditya, who came to school once and clicked a pic with me. And tells he is the main culprit of my parent’s divorce. Naira request Kirti to cancel her meeting and take little time to think about it.

All the children decided to steal Aditya’s number and call him and request him to fix everything. Naira heard them saying Aditya and asked them about him. Kairav fooled her by saying that they are talking about one of his friends.

Then Kairav started acting of having tooth pain and attracted all the attention, and secretly other children took Kirti’s phone and noted Aditya’s number and kept the phone back in the same place. Naira took an appointment with the dentist, to which Kairav felt unlucky.

Episode end

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