Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5 November 2020 Written Update : Roshni challenges Queen Markab

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni is telling the story to Armaan. Further, she tells Armaan that she has stolen Rehan’s wand, she shows Armaan by opening the box of Rehan’s wand, and she finds the red markab, which scares her. Rehan comes to the room to erase the bloodstains and finds that the stain is missing, and someone has tampered with the photo of Roshni.

Roshni comes to Rubina and asks her why she has sent the red Markab to harass them even though she promised her that she would not bother her till the golden sun. Rubina is shocked to hear that and says she has not done anything like this because she has no enmity with Rehan. She adds that her main problem is only Aman, which is stuck in the mirror, so why will she create such a mess. She tells Roshni that only Jin can call the Red Markab, so instead of blaming her, she should find out who sent the Red Markab into her house. Roshni says that she will find it and leaves.

Natasha comes there and joins hands with Rubina and reveals that Natasha has sent the red Markab. Rehan tells this to the people of the house and says that they have to do something to protect Roshni from Red Markab. While Natasha and Rubina reveal that they have sent the Red Markab for Armaan.

Roshni and Rehan notice that the Red Markab has spread all over the house. They try to kill them. Further, Roshni and Rehan notice Rani Markab, and both want to kill her and find that they both know about Red Markab.

Further, Roshni and Rehan learn that Red Markab has not come for them, but to come for Armaan to harm him. They all go towards Armaan. And they see Red Markab all over Armaan. Roshni lifts Armaan in her lap and is about to run away from there, but the Red Markab stops her path. Rehan tries to stop the Red Mark by using his magic, but his magic attacks him back.

Roshni asks for help from Aman, and Aman writes Reverse Ilme Jin in the mirror. Roshni asks Rehan why it is upside down. Rehan says that due to the mirror and as his wand was also fell on Ilme, his magic is firing back at him. Roshni says they should trap Red Markab in this trap; Rehan does as Roshni says, but their plan gets unsuccessful due to Queen Markab. And Roshni challenges Queen Markab to protect Armaan.

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