Anupamma 5 November 2020 Written Update : Anupama refuses to serve food for Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya asks Vanraj to read the letter. Vanraj reads the letter, in which it is written that the Indian woman respects her husband because he is in her mind. But now Vanraj is neither in her mind nor does she love him, so she is sending empty tiffins. And if Vanraj feels hungry, then he can eat pasta.

There, Samar and Hansmukh give two cream rolls to Jayesh so that he can convince Anupama to teach children to dance. Jayesh calls Anupama, and Anupama recognizes that Jayesh has eaten cream rolls, and she scolds Jayesh for this. Jayesh turns around the point and asks why she is not giving dance classes to the children.

Everyone asks Anupama to do this work. Kinjal also comes there and tells Anupama that she should give dance class. Leela asks them not to make such demands and tells Anupama that she can only do household work. Anupama goes to the kitchen to cook food. Kinjal also follows her and says that she too will help her in cooking. Kinjal also tells her that she should do something for herself by taking her first step. Paritosh hears them and scolds Kinjal for this and tells her not to wash his mother’s brain. Kinjal says that she is just supporting Anupama and always will. There is a clamor between the two.

Vanraj calls Anupama, and Anupama disconnects his phone due to which Vanraj gets annoyed and comes home. He sees that Anupama is sitting comfortably and reading a book. He asks her why she did not cook food for him. And why she did not pick up the phone. Anupama says she had worked at home, so she did not pick up the phone. Vanraj asks what kind of work made her so busy that she is unable to pick up a single call. Anupama says, did she ever ask him what was the work that he had come late from office, then why he is asking her. And in her view, he must not have been hungry. Vanraj says yes, Kavya had ordered food for him. Anupama says this is an excellent thing.

She starts leaving from there, but Vanraj stops her saying that he and Kavya are about to get married. Anupama says that it is a very good thing, then he will get married before Paritosh’s marriage or later or with him only. Anupama taunts Vanraj and leaves. And Vanraj fires up.

Further, at the dinner table, Samar asks Anupama to sit and have a meal with them, to which Leela has objections, but she is unable to speak in front of Jayesh, and Anupama sits with them and enjoys the meal. Simultaneously, Anupama refuses to serve food to Vanraj, and he himself fills a plate of food for him. Anupama tells everyone that she has decided that she will give dance classes to the children.

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