Shaadi Mubarak 5 November 2020 Written Update : Rati provokes Tarun against Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti and KT take Bhua’s blessing, and when they do, they accidentally hit their heads. KT again does the same so that they do not fight. After seeing this, Bhua laughs and tells KT that he is very funny, but she wants to know why KT touched her feet. KT tells her that since he and Preeti are partners, they both want to get her blessings. KT says that now he will come to Palana and make her special day even more special. Preeti interrupts KT and says that he cannot come to Palana. Bhua and others ask her why? Preeti says that Palana is an icy palace that KT will not be able to handle. KT says that he does not mind such small things, so that he will come to Palana. Bhua tells KT that she should come, and she is ready to welcome him. Bhua also invites Kusum and her family.

Rati provokes Tarun against Preeti and only when Tarun gets a message of Bhua to which she invites him. Tarun is happy to know this and says that now he will take revenge on Preeti in the village, and Rati will also have to take Preeti’s place by becoming a good daughter-in-law. There, Preeti thinks that she must stop KT from coming to the village by doing anything. Then KT arrives and tells Preeti that he is coming to the village with his staff. Preeti says that he cannot come with the staff. He has to come alone. KT says, but he always takes his staff with him. Preeti says that he can cancel his village tour. KT gets upset on hearing this.

Further, Kusum asks Preeti why she refused KT to come to the village. Preeti tells her that KT is a very open-minded man who thinks nothing before doing anything. And the villagers would not understand his behavior and their partnership, so she had to do so. While Rati learns to wear a sari from her mother and says that Bhua was very angry with them and she thinks that Bhua called them to insult them at the function. She adds that she can’t even handle the sari than how she will handle the village’s customs. Her mother says that if she cannot handle anything, let Preeti fall in the villagers’ eyes and make her work easy.

Preeti and others reach the village, Bhua greets her and others. Rati and Tarun also come there; after seeing them, everyone says that they had left Preeti out of the house, and now they come here to spoil the atmosphere. KT also arrives there, and a man named Baldev finds Preeti’s decision to do the job unfairly and insults Preeti.

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